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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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FC Dallas begins their crazy Argentina schedule.

FC Dallas is down in Argentina today as they being their ten-day stay that will include eight games.

// FC Dallas //

That was the schedule sent to us last night, and it looks like today’s game has been removed from the schedule too. When we get streaming information (if there is any) on each game, we will have it for you here.

What to expect in Argentina | Big D Soccer

Eight days of games will be a bit crazy but it is going to be a heck of a way to get this group ready for the upcoming season and the Champions League.

Scouting: Getting to know a pair of FCD draftees | Big D Soccer

We spoke recently with some former coaches of two of our draft picks.

Upgrades continue to happen at Toyota Stadium | Big D Soccer

New video boards are in! And they look amazing!

// MLS //

Why all MLS sides need to try to sign Chicharito | FourFourTwo

We’ve long said we hope FCD would splash the cash for him, but I have a gut feeling he will be LAFC’s first DP.

Fire unveil new secondary jersey |

A light gray kit huh? I want to see this one in person but just the initial look at it, I kind of like it.

Vancouver unveils their primary kit |

Their white primary kits are always pretty simple but this one adds some light blue triangles into the design. I’m not a fan of that but I’m also not buying one of these as well.

Atlanta sign Carlos Carmona with TAM | Dirty South Soccer

Another TAM-level signing has me shaking my head at this club. How are they doing it and how good can they really be?

Sacramento Republic’s MLS dreams continue | Indomitable City

In a way I hope this means their bid is back to being the most likely one to be chosen first out of the 12 that are up for expansion.

Brooks Lennon lands with RSL | RSL Soapbox

The former academy player turned Liverpool player is back in MLS. Good for RSL to get one of their own on loan like this.

Here is what video replay will look like thanks to MLS preseason | Fox Soccer

The testing of VAR is a big topic to come up here in MLS over the next couple of years.