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We want you at Big D Soccer: Writers, videographers and more, join us

Hey you! Yes you! Come write for us!

As the 2017 season approaches, so does a new year here for us at Big D Soccer. We're looking to expand our empire a bit and add some more voices to the mix. After all, this is about community as much as it is about FC Dallas news and updates.

We’re looking for anyone who wants to contribute — but we’re especially interested in carving out new space for a few concepts and sections of coverage.

  • Video — We don’t really do much with video right now, but we’d love to start. That means doing more Facebook Live videos throughout the season. And any other video projects that come up.
  • Social Media — We have a great group of folks that are killing it at Twitter for us but we need plenty of help on Facebook. And any other platform that makes sense to share our writing on!
  • FCD Academy — FC Dallas has the best academy in the country (there is no debating that!), and we want to provide more coverage of their games.
  • FCD — Obviously, we’re always looking to build up our FCD coverage. That won’t ever not be the case, because it’s the reason we’re all here.

BDS has grown leaps and bounds since our founder Daniel Robertson started the blog a few years ago. With that expansion comes a need for more voices. We always are able to find space and time for those who have the passion, energy and excitement to cover not only FC Dallas but soccer in the North Texas scene, MLS and around the world.

So who should apply? Anyone with a passion, a voice needing to be heard. Someone who can be consistent with their writing and meet deadlines that are assigned to them. And someone who can be creative and push the envelope in covering our favorite team.

Want to join the team? Fill out our Google Form — you can find it embedded below, but if that doesn’t work, follow this link to get there.

Note: This is an unpaid gig but it does tend to lend its ability to help young college students get internships at FC Dallas or eventually paid gigs over time. Several of our current staffers have interned with FC Dallas in the past.