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What to expect as FC Dallas heads to Argentina

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Plenty of games are in store for FC Dallas in the coming days.

FC Dallas/Carter Baum

The preseason is about to ramp up in a huge way for FC Dallas as they head to Argentina for a 10-day trip. The club is expected to get a slew of games to help prep for their up coming CONCACAF Champions League matches later this month.

So what does the club have in store for the next couple of weeks? Here are some main things to keep an eye on as the team is in South America.

Big games to sort out formations

FCD is planning eight straight days of friendlies in preparation for February 23 in the CCL. Getting that game-like mentality will be key over the next ten days but so will sorting out the depth charts and what formations Oscar Pareja expects to use this season.

We know the changes that have been made this offseason will dictate a little change in how Pareja will approach his formations this season. The big thing to note in these friendlies is getting more minutes and time for newcomers like Roland Lamah and Cristian Colman. Anytime you can get high-intensity games early in the preseason, it will help build chemistry for the newcomers and help us get a sense of what we can expect long term from this group.

I think this time will also give us a good indication of what we can expect out of veteran attacker Javier Morales too. If he can get comfortable early on with Michael Barrios, Lamah, Coleman, and Maxi Urruti through these games, then we can expect good things early on from this attacking group.

Rookie watch

FCD has a slew of rookies in camp right now, most of which are trying to make the roster for the season. Only Jacroi Hayes and Adonijah Reid are on the roster as of today.

Guys like Walker Hume have a good shot of making this roster as a depth piece in 2017 but they’ll need this next 10 days to prove their worth to the club. A couple of strong performances here will definitely help.

Trialists in camp

According to the club, as of today there will be no new trialists in camp with the team while they are in Argentina. Naturally this can change as players tend to go in and out of training with the team during the year. Former Homegrown forward Ruben Luna is still with the team but outside of him and the rest of the rookies, there aren’t any new names to report as of today (and to be perfectly honest, not many coming in this late would have a great shot at making the team either).

Note: We do not have the full schedule of games as of this writing for FC Dallas. The club informed Big D Soccer today that they were still sorting some games on this trip out. We do believe this tweet is pretty solid in terms of information on a scheduled game:

Once we have the official schedule and any links to streams for their games we will pass them along to you.