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Big D Daily: News for Monday, February 6, 2017

FC Dallas heads to Argentina today.

The big preseason trip for FC Dallas begins today.

// FC Dallas //

Is Carlos Cermeno on his way to FCD? | Big D Soccer

This one hit the rumor wheel over the weekend but it sounds pretty promising to me.

FCD trio called into youth national team camps | Big D Soccer

One thing to keep an eye on this spring will be the amount of HGPs called into national team camps. It will likely keep a lot of them out of FCD action for a while.

Zimmerman shines in his USMNT debut |

Not bad to see our Walker Zimmerman go the full 90 in his first cap for the US and then get named player of the game. Well done!

Zimmerman busts out some Bieber after win |

Stick to soccer Walker, stick to soccer.

// MLS //

Sacramento MLS bid is less hot water now? |

It appears all the fuss last week about Sacramento’s MLS bid not including the Republic FC name is getting put to rest with this latest news.

St. Louis stadium plan will make it to ballot | ESPNFC

A big move forward in the St. Louis stadium situation. It appeared dead at one point but seeing it make the ballot gives it new life.

Breaks are going San Diego’s way in MLS expansion | Angeles on Parade

Some don’t like the idea of a San Diego team but it is one of those bids that seems to have the right timing surrounding it.

Seriously, where is Ali Curtis? | Once a Metro

A lot of Red Bull fans have been closely watching this situation for about a month now. Their roster builder has been no where to be seen lately.

Nat Borchers retires from play | RSL Soapbox

The best beard in MLS is now no longer going to lace up the boots. I think we need to campaign for someone like Chris Seitz to grow a beard.