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Coaches weigh in on FC Dallas draftees Jacori Hayes and Adonijah Reid

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Former coaches discuss what fans should expect from Dallas’ recent SuperDraft picks.

MLS: MLS SuperDraft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As the upcoming Major League Soccer season creeps around the corner, FC Dallas still has some work to do – especially with their roster.

So what exactly is FC Dallas getting in rookies Jacori Hayes and Adonijah Reid?

This question is up to discussion. However, to help answer that question, BigDSoccer has reached to a few of the SuperDraft picks’ recent clubs and coaches to help define who Dallas really picked in the 2017 draft.

Wake Forest head coach Bobby Muuss on Jacori Hayes:

"Jacori is a tireless worker with great technique and his ability to play in between lines and turn defenders is among the best i have ever seen. He is one of the most honest players I have ever coached on both sides of the ball and can adapt to different styles and different positions because of very high soccer IQ."

ANB Soccer on Adonijah Reid:

“Adonijah Reid, we call him “Nije” and when he travels to France they call him “Ado”. We had the pleasure to have him as an athlete in our academy for the last 6 years. I was his coach for the least 3 years.

Nije is an an attacking-minded player, I don't like to say forward because he can play behind the striker, as a striker and he can be on the wing, he is a very lethal finisher, he will bury the ball most of the time. This young man has been very well-travelled ... He has been offered many scenarios in Europe, but due to the fact that he doesn't have European documents — he's Canadian-born — it was difficult for us to keep him in Europe. As a 15-year-old, Nije tied for the scoring lead in League 1 Ontario with the ANB Futbol team. More recently he has been playing for the Academy's under-20 side winning the SAAC League and Cup for 2016.

Nije is definitely able to compete with older players, that's an edge he has. He's motivated to play with older men ... I think the future is bright.”