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2017 MLS roster rule update creates additional Homegrown spots

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Teams can also spend up to $200k of available TAM on new HGPs.

MLS: Arabe Unido at FC Dallas Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Soccer today announced updates to roster rules for the 2017 MLS season. With a continued strategic focus on cultivating young talent, two off-budget roster spots have been added to every club’s roster to sign additional Homegrown Players. Clubs may also now use up to $200,000 of their existing Targeted Allocation Money to sign Homegrown Players to their first professional contract.

FC Dallas currently sees their roster count at 29 after the signing of rookie defender Walker Hume last week. That additional pair of HGP slots will likely go to Jesus Ferreira and Bryan Reynolds when things are all said and done this year. Both are the youngest players on the team (and the league for that matter), so this kind of move should benefit the club in big ways.

Also seeing that FCD can now spend up to $200k of any existing TAM is huge. That could allow them to sign someone in house that could be thinking of heading overseas instead of signing here. In other words, this money could have potentially landed a Weston McKennie last year had this been available. (It should be noted that TAM can’t not be used to sign HGPs that are already on the team’s roster.)

Updates were also made to the 2017 Roster Rules in the following areas:

  • The salary budget ceiling will be $3.845 million.
  • The base salary for roster spots 21-24 -- which will not count against the cap -- will be $65,000.
  • The base salary for roster spots 25-28 -- which will not count against the cap -- will be $53,000.
  • Intraleague loans that are initiated prior to the close of the Primary Transfer Window (February 14 - May 8) may now allow the loaned player to be recalled during the Secondary Transfer Window (July 10 – August 9) as agreed upon between the two clubs.
  • The threshold for Extreme Hardship in 2017 will now include instances in which a club has fewer than four (4) available outfield substitutes.
  • Targeted Allocation Money may now be used to sign Special Discovery Players.