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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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Last day of February is here as the regular season starts this weekend.

FC Dallas is down in Panama getting ready for their next CCL game.

// FC Dallas //

Team focused on new season and opportunities |

We all seemed to be pretty excited about the new season and possibilities but I think we all know deep down that this could be the start of something really special.

Reynolds called up to U-17 camp |

I think we should expect to see a fair amount of this kind of news for Bryan Reynolds this season.

Why Acosta and Zimmerman are keys to FCD’s year-over-year improvement | FourFourTwo

We already are proclaiming it to be the Year of Kellyn. But I would also be more than happy to see this as a Year of Walker too.

// MLS //

Ten storylines for 2017 |

Nothing on Dallas, which I am actually okay with in pieces like this. We can quietly sneak up on people and win more trophies.

Which MLS team is the youngest? |

I don’t think any of you will be shocked by this outcome. I do find it funny though that Houston is the oldest team on average in the league right now.

Diskerud wrote an honest poem about his status with NYCFC | Hudson River Blue

This is such a Mix Diskerud thing to do.

LA teams chasing Chicharito in transfer rumor | Angels on Parade

It really isn’t a shock to me to see that Chicharito would end up in LA with one of the two sides there. I think if he lands with the Galaxy, we’re all in for a world of trouble. If he ends up with an expansion team, I worry less about it.

There may be something to these Honda rumors | Sounder at Heart

At one point we thought we’d get Keisuke Honda here in Dallas but now it appears that he is truly Seattle bound.

After 12 years of set backs, DCU finally broke ground on a new stadium | Washington Post

Geez, 12 years. I guess it really did feel like a forever.

RSL re-signs Plata as a DP | RSL Soapbox

While I like what Joao Plata brings to the field, I don’t like using a DP tag on him.

MLS is moving towards becoming a top league | ESPNFC

That goal of becoming a top league in the world is actually starting to look like a real thing in my book for MLS. Given how many younger stars are coming into the league, MLS is starting to become the destination for better players.

Martino leaving his mark on Atlanta |

Based off that article above about average age, he certainly is. Atlanta is the third youngest team in the league, which is kind of scary to me.