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Big D Daily: News for Monday, February 27, 2017

FC Dallas is about to hit the road for a week long trip to Panama and LA.

Can you believe the regular season starts this weekend folks?

// FC Dallas //

FCD vs Arabe Unido: What we learned | Big D Soccer

If you missed this over the weekend, we took a look back to last Thursday’s game to see a few key items that we picked up from the win.

Chalkboard: How FCD dismantled Arabe Unido | Big D Soccer

The team is pretty darn good at least based on the opener. I think it is important to note how good the 4-4-2 looked and how the wing play was on Thursday.

Harris befriends Ethiopian twins |

If you don’t realize how good of a guy Atiba Harris is off the field, maybe this story will sway your opinion.

Acosta double shows offseason growth |

Year of Kellyn. Say it with me folks. Year of Kellyn.

// MLS //

MLS entering in negotiations for Chicharito | ESPNFC

We all may have to wait until 2018 for this to really happen but the ball is starting to roll in this move. Just too bad he won’t end up here in Dallas.

The evolution of the MLS roster |

A lot of good stuff in this one from our beloved roster builder Fernando Clavijo. He’s told me a couple times similar things about how important it is to get quality young talent in this league.

Orlando trades Shea for Giles Barnes | The Mane Land

Yes, you read that correctly. Our old pal Brek Shea will now be back in the Western Conference as Orlando sent him to Vancouver for Giles Barnes over the weekend.

Seven coaches on the hot season from day one | FourFourTwo

You won’t find Oscar Pareja on any list like this but looking at those that are, I have no argument against any of them being there.

Banks are financing soccer stadium like they do with the NFL | Black and Red United

It may not seem like a big deal but it is a pretty damn big one. When the money people get on board with the game and the infrastructure of the game too, good things happen.

Audi Field set for ground breaking ceremony today |

Speaking of stadium, shovels will FINALLY be in the ground on the DCU stadium. I feel like I have been waiting years to write that line.

Portland looks to fill gaps in 2017 |

We all know it was a disappointing 2016 for the Portland Timbers but now they have a pretty retooled roster that should compete again in the crowded West.