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Big D Daily: News for Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Who is ready for tomorrow night?

The new season is almost upon us here as FC Dallas trains one more time before their CCL clash.

// FC Dallas //

FCD signs Walker Hume to a contract | Big D Soccer

The one roster move yesterday saw the club add to their defensive depth with Hume.

How to be a FCD fan from afar: 2017 edition | Big D Soccer

We had a lot of good material go up yesterday, one being a look at how to support this club if you don’t live in Dallas. I’d suggest bookmarking this one if you live out of the DFW area.

Community Predictions: Can Colman produce? | Big D Soccer

Our next round of community predictions for 2017, we ask you to give us your thoughts on how our new DP will do this season.

// MLS //

Offseason moves that stand out in 2017 | ESPNFC

We’ve been saying lately how there was a lot of cash splashed in MLS this offseason. This one shows not only some of the bigger signings but some trades and how the new clubs did this offseason.

Mullins gets contract extension with DCU | Black and Red United

I still often wonder what it would have been like for FCD to go after him last summer when he was made available but good to see DCU work to keep him around longer.

Minnesota mades Thiesson signing official | E Pluribus Loonum

Slowly but surely, Minnesota United is making some smart moves in their defense and across the board. I don’t think they’ll be a playoff team but they’re going to frustrate teams this season.

Can Houston emulate FC Dallas? |

Just the title makes me laugh a bit but in all seriousness, that appears to be what they are wanting to do here with Wilmer Cabrera. Go young and go to Central and South America for roster depth.

MLS trying to balance player development and importing talent | FourFourTwo

We all know a lot of moves that took place this offseason wouldn’t have happened ten years ago. The league is in a much better place now but it does still have a ways to go in some key areas.

Sebastian Giovinco turned down a $10 million offer to China | Waking the Red

For now, Giovinco will remain in Toronto after turning down a pretty sizable offer to go to China’s Beijing Gouan.