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FC Dallas vs Arabe Unido: What they are saying

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FC Dallas is getting respect all over.

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Many of us wonder about Arabe Unido’s view of FC Dallas, and the things good and bad that the Panamanian club may be saying, in the lead up to the game.

Wonder no more.

Monday, Arabe Unido held a press conference. It was the final press conference in Panama, before the team left Tuesday for the United States.

Columbian head coach Juan Guzman:

When asked about FC Dallas

“It’s a difficult team that likes to attack, they have the checkbook open to get players, and for this season they brought several who are well known. Strong in the midfield, and above (attackers). Their weakness, I say, is the defense, that I see a bit slow, but full of experienced players.”

“We can’t go recklessly looking for a goal, we must be patient and deliberate, and must place ourselves in positions to take advantage of all our virtues.”

“They held their preseason in Argentina, playing 8 games in 10 days. We are seeing a lot of videos of the team (FC Dallas) in the training networks. We realize that they have brought good reinforcements.”

What will be Arabe Unido’s starting lineup?

“It’s almost the same that ended our last match against Tauro FC”

On Arabe Unido’s recent run of poor form.

“We need to reactivate everything we have worked on, in these tournaments. We need to accept that we have lost players who helped us get here, but take into account that the new reinforcements are up to the task”

Club President Juan Carlos Paniza:

On Arabe Unido’s expectations for this match.

“We are looking for a positive result, and that would be a draw.”

On the clubs objective.

“It’s the third time we have reached this stage, we have never advanced. But we are looking to move to the semifinals, something that has never been done by a Panamanian team in this competition.”

Arabe Unido also used the press conference to name all 18 players traveling with the team (starters from the Tauro FC match, are in bold)

Goal Keepers: Miguel Lloyd, Adán Córdoba.

Defenders: Fidel Caesar, Rigoberto Niño, Daniel Ortiz, Roberto Chen, Rolando Algandona.

Midfielders: Amílcar Henríquez, Abdiel Macea, José González, Leslie Heráldez, Alejandro Hincapié, Emanuel Mena, Josimar Gómez.

Forwards: Enrico Small, Renán Addles, Gabriel Pino, Carlos Small