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Community Prediction: Will Cristian Colman be worth it?

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FC Dallas paid a lot of money to get him but will it pay off in 2017?

Última Hora

Our community predictions takes us to possibly the most intriguing addition to FC Dallas this season in Designated Player Cristian Colman.

FC Dallas broke the bank in the transfer for the young forward. Fernando Clavijo discussed how stressful the signing was as he and FCD had to fight off the likes of Liga MX side Club Leon, Argentine club Lanus and Brazilian sides Sao Paulo and Gremio.

But what exactly will FC Dallas get out of Colman? Will he be the number nine that they have desperately been looking for these last few years? I think there will be some rough patches early on for him as he adjusts to the league and the travel. But once the summer hits, I can see him flourishing in this attack. He may not get 15 goals this season but he could come close if the stars align for him.

Just as we did with our prior community predictions, we ask you that as we look for games played, started, goals scored and assists.

27 games played, 23 starts, 11 goals, 1 assists