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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, February 2, 2017

Only a couple more days until the big Argentina trip.

Some preseason matches are around the corner as FC Dallas will soon head to South America.

// FC Dallas //

Rumor: Hernan Grana to FCD? | Big D Soccer

The former Columbus fullback would be a solid addition here if the deal goes through. I actually like this move a lot for FCD.

Colman settling in with FC Dallas |

Cristian Colman has gone through nearly a full week of training with the club and so far everything seems good with the young striker.

// MLS //

Welcome to MLS 3.0 |

I could have sworn we were already in 3.0 a couple years ago but hey, welcome guys and gals.

MLS president Mark Abbott discusses each expansion candidate |

There was a long press conference yesterday afternoon to discuss all the candidates and their bids. Plenty of takeaways from it and plenty more to ponder.

Republic FC surprised by MLS bid | Indomitable City Soccer

The one big shocker in all of the expansion talk was how Sacramento handled it in the end. Going into the bids we all thought they were a slam dunk but now it doesn’t appear to be that clear.

MLS sheds a little more light on Sacramento’s bid | Indomitable City Soccer

Sacramento was the only bid that you didn’t see plastered all over social media too, which was a bit of a concern.

Sacramento was once a slam dunk, now it is in danger | ESPNFC

And even more info on the whole mess in Sac-town.

Inside Cincinnati’s shot at a MLS team |

Do they have a shot? Sure. The more you look at their bid, the more you wonder what it will do to Columbus. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing that rivalry in MLS.

Timbers add Sebastian Blanco | Stumptown Footy

A lot of DPs are entering the league at the moment and I really like the looks of this one for Portland.

NYCFC sign Alexander Ring | Hudson River Blue

A Finnish international on a TAM deal, but in all honesty, this is a sneaky good signing in my book.

Red Bull academy changed the club and why it MLS teams should follow | FourFourTwo

New York has the one thing that Dallas doesn’t in their setup, a USL team for their no-so ready HGPs to get their time in.