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Quick Burns: Who has been the most disappointing HGP in FC Dallas history?

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There have been several HPGs in the club history that didn’t pan out.

MLS: Toronto FC at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

After the news of Moises Hernandez parting ways with FC Dallas, we saw yet another Homegrown player in club history go by the wayside. Hernandez joins other original HGPs on the list that didn’t pan out with the club.

Last week our team tackled who they thought out of the HGPs could break out in 2017 and today we look back at those who were our biggest disappointment.

Jason Poon - Bryan Leyva

There’s just something about being the first that raises expectations. Leyva was FCD’s first ever HGP and disappointingly didn’t even make double digit appearances for Dallas in four years. Perhaps he never should’ve been signed in the first place, but when you’re the first HGP ever for the club, playing in the National Premier Soccer League (4th division) was never something anyone imagined when Leyva was signed back in 2009.

Drew Epperley - Moises Hernandez

Seeing that the club has about as many active HGPs as they do in ones that they’ve let go over the years, gets me thinking in a couple different directions. Some guys like Bradlee Baladez probably should have never been signed or would have benefited more form a USL team to be loaned to. But in the end, it was between Mo and Danny Garcia. I felt in the end when you have a guy that has played considerable time on a national team like Guatemala, that also struggled to break through with the first team here that he ends up being the most disappointing. I always like Mo as a person and a player but he never seemed to get out of the dog house with Oscar Pareja.

Ben Lyon- Weston McKennie

The one who got away- oh sure, you could mention the Funes Mori brothers who never quite integrated into the academy, or Emerson Hyndman who is now tearing it up at Rangers, but McKennie was a bona fide product of FC Dallas’s youth development academy and won’t play for FC Dallas for quite some time (if ever). With any of the quartet, you lament the fact that FC Dallas never had a chance to put these players in front of the fans and the fact that they weren’t able to earn transfer fees for them. With the Academy now a mature institution within the club, McKennie leaving the club without compensation is the bitterest of pills.