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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, February 16, 2017

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FC Dallas returns home for one more week of training.

The start of the season is almost here as FC Dallas returns from their Argentine trip.

// FC Dallas //

How will FCD cope without Mauro Diaz? | Big D Soccer

One of our new writers has some thought on how FCD will fare without Diaz early on this season.

Community Predictions: How will Barrios be in year three | Big D Soccer

Some think he’ll breakout and be a big star, while others are cautious with Michael Barrios. I think it all comes down to how much pressure is taken off of him with the new additions.

What we learned from FCD’s Argentina trip | Big D Soccer

Ten days, seven or eight games (I lost count) and a lot to take in.

New Homegrown players proving they belong |

I keep working at lowering my excitement and expectations for some of these HGPs but boy it is hard not to enjoy what you are seeing out of them so far this preseason.

// MLS //

Why 2017 will be the year of the Homegrown | FourFourTwo

People want to do what FC Dallas is doing. Its going to be a copy cat league in that regard.

Vancouver lands Montero on loan | Eighty Six Forever

The Whitecaps sent a decent amount of allocation money to Minnesota to get the top allocation spot yesterday in this deal. Fredy Montero fits a need for the Whitecaps but I would contest that they still have midfield and defensive issues to address.

Bradley in talks with LAFC |

This would be a big shocking to me as I would have thought Sigi Schmid was the prime coaching target for LAFC. But Bob Bradley is as good, if not better, given he’ll want to prove himself in this role.

Maxi Morales signs with NYCFC as their third DP | Hudson River Blue

Again I will say it, I like this kind of DP signing for NYCFC. Gone are the aged European players and in come the younger South Americans.

Rapids unveil a new secondary kit |

The blue and yellow kit has been a favorite of mine for a while now. This edition isn’t bad.

DCU signs deal with Audi for stadium rights | Black and Red United

Audi Field does have a nice ring to it.

Can a retooled SKC get back to their glory days? |

More season preview material here as we get a deeper look at one of our main rivals up in Kansas.

Atlanta has sold 40k for its season opener | ESPNFC

Good grief, we may have a Eastern Conference version of Seattle on our hands with these kinds of numbers.