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Quick Burns: How would you rate FC Dallas’ trip to Argentina?

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The long trip is over for the club as they head back to Frisco to prepare for next week’s CCL game.

Racing Club

FC Dallas wrapped up their week and a half stay in Argentina yesterday. The club played several big Argentine clubs along the way and were able to get plenty of meaningful minutes to the slew of new players on the team.

But now that the dust has settled on the trip, there are plenty of questions to dive into as the club prepares for their Champions League match next Thursday at home against Arabe Unido.

Our staff is back for another Quick Burns post to offer up our take of how we think the Argentine trip went for the club and if it is going to be enough to prepare them for the CCL.

Jason Poon - Bigly Success

Anytime the club can get through pre-season or friendlies without a major injury is a win in my book. All other elements will receive a boost already (fitness, sharpness, touch, mental preparations, tactics) but getting out in one piece is never a guarantee. Obviously the plan for this trip was to get match ready for CCL, hence the heavily condensed match schedule. If Dallas can pull out a win next Thursday (wait, the season is already starting?!), then this trip to Argentina would be a huge success.

Cody Gamond - It’s Gonna be Yuge

Dallas has made it clear they are going for the CCL and this Argentina trip should have the boys very prepared. They not only played very well against great clubs, but the younger players got a lot of playing time as well. Our depth will be fit and ready to replace the starting XI. The one game I saw the starting XI looked ready for the season. Several players seem to be in fine form and overall the team is gelling well. This time in Argentina is going to pay off, I can feel it.

Mohammad Bushnaq - I Have All The Nice Words

The trip has been a chance for FC Dallas to get some quality preseason minutes against some quality opponents. Given that both the first and second teams have been involved in game action, it's hard to see this as anything more than a successful venture. Sure, Mother Nature has not been too kind a couple of times leading to cancelled matches, but the ones that were played were enough in my opinion. Couple that with the fact that some scouting was surely done, this has the potential for greatness for the Hoops.

Believe me.

Edin Halilovic - Successful given it’s intended purpose

When the team initially made the trip to Argentina, there were only 16 days left until the first game of the season and they hadn’t played a single match since the Seattle play-off in early November. They were in a race against time to ensure that each player reached optimal physical condition and had plenty of match rhythm built up, especially with our CCL opponents being in-season right now, and it’s safe to say that they managed to achieve that with the avalanche of fixtures they’ve had over the past week.

We got to see the rookies and draft players get ample amounts of playing time to showcase their skills, several different systems tested, some sneak peeks at what the lineup will look like going into the season, good competition against some of Argentina’s finest, and no real injury concerns to come out of it. All in all, a positive experience for all those involved and now we can bring on another exciting season.