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Valentines from FC Dallas

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The men of FC Dallas won two trophies last year and now they want to win your heart

Love is in the air once again this Valentine’s Day, and that’s no different for FC Dallas. While they have excelled on the pitch, some members of the team and club are still looking for love today.

Won’t you let them make a play for your heart?

He directs club operations, but Fernando Clavijo would really like to direct his love towards you .

Kellyn Acosta guards central midfield and promises to always guard your heart.

Victor Ulloa will take out whoever he needs in order to be yours because he’s on a pursuit –– a pursuit for love.

You are all I can think about. Even when you are gone, you are always on my mind.

Maxi Urruti is always willing to give 100%, especially when it’s his heart for you.

No matter how far away you are. I will always find a way to show you my love.

Babe, I promise to protect you like Chris protects his goal.

Matt Hedges knows his place on the field and in your life.

Cristian Colman may be new to the club, but the young attacker already wants to strike up a love affair.

It’s shame to see young Jesse Gonzalez heartbroken. Won’t you give him another shot? He’s a real keeper.

Don’t put these players in the fan-zone. Take that relationship to the next level.

When you run out of adjectives to describe that special someone.

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that Canadians don’t know romance.

When you are trying to be subtle...

A sturdy defender and a confident bachelor, Walker Zimmerman knows his heart’s desire.

When you’ve finally mustard up enough courage...

Maxi Urruti picked up a part-time job during the offseason and he’s eager to find love for himself.

The little magician is sure to work some magic on your heart.

When you’re ready to commit.

Ryan Hollingshead has the game, the smile and the hair, but all he really wants is you.