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Big D Daily: News for Monday, February 13, 2017

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FC Dallas is close to wrapping up things in Argentina.

The wild eight games in eight days run in Argentina is coming close to an end.

// FC Dallas //

FCD reveals their local broadcast schedule | Big D Soccer

This one came down on Friday and it was a big one. All games that aren’t on national TV will be also be shown on the club’s website for those in DFW. That is really big for those of us who are tired of getting the other teams feed on MLS Live.

Ferreira scores twice in reserves preseason match |

Sunday was a bit of a lighter day for the club in Argentina as they took on River Plate’s reserves in a friendly. Jesus Ferreira scored a pair of goal.

And now for the best news of the weekend.

First bike workout without the neck brace!

A photo posted by rmhollingshead (@rmhollingshead) on

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LAFC plan to make major offer for Chicharito | ESPN Deportes

Nothing at all shocks me about this news, even the amount that they are willing to offer him. MLS has been dying to get him in the league for some time, so it was really only a matter of time before a team broke the bank to get him.

Josh Gatt on his way to Minnesota | Star Tribune

This is one of those “if he remains healthy”, I really like it moves.

Atlanta’s Charlton caps dream debut for club with celebration | Dirty South Soccer

We got to see our first real look at what Atlanta United will be like this season over the weekend and really it was a strong debut. Now can they replicate that against a MLS side?

Maxi Morales tabbed as the next DP at NYCFC | Hudson River Blue

Instead of an aging European, NYCFC is starting to look for a younger Latin style DP for their club.

Revs roll out secondary kit |

This one is kind of ‘meh’ to me the more I look at it. But to be fair, I haven’t been thrilled about this club’s kit selections over the last couple of years.

DCU reveal their secondary kit |

From the DC license plate to the red sleeves, there is something odd about this one that I actually like. Maybe it is a ‘its so weird it is cool’ kind of thing that I like about it.

Atlanta debuts their secondary kit |

Finally, Atlanta showed off their white secondary kits late last week and I have to say I love how simple these are.