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Five other players FC Dallas could gamble on this offseason

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If those first five pan out, FC Dallas should definitely be looking at one of these players.

MLS: Preseason-Colorado Rapids vs Sporting Kansas City Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, you don’t get what you want under the ol’ tree or for your birthday or during an offseason. But never fear! There are always bargain basement deals to comb through out there. If yesterday’s list of expensive options don’t pan out, we have some that could be cheap and ready to go.

Here are five guys that I think FC Dallas could take a look at to fill out their roster and move toward their first ever MLS Cup - if they swing and miss elsewhere.

Kenny Cooper

Yes, Kenny Cooper is making a comeback, and frankly, the guy can still contribute. Is he going to be your main striker at this point or even an every game starter? No. But could he be a late game guy? Sure. How about an impromptu winger? Absolutely. Maybe a late career switch to a center back? Why the heck not. Sign the FCD legend yesterday, Clavijo.

Bobby Burling

The towering veteran center back is definitely worth a look this offseason as FC Dallas looks for the right combination of seasoned depth and youth. You could do worse on a one year deal. He is out of contract now with the Colorado Rapids, and while not getting any younger, could definitely shore up the position behind Walker Zimmerman and Matt Hedges. Plus, we need more guys who can throw a nasty elbow:

Clement Diop

Look, LA Galaxy had a tough year, and it’s hard to put all the blame on their goalkeepers. FC Dallas definitely has some need for depth in goal, so why not look to LA to shore that up at bargain basement prices? Diop deserves some criticism this year for his play, but he’s probably due for a rehab run with a team that helps players “busca la forma”. Maybe Pareja and company can avoid the highlights like below and look for the potential in this diamond in the rough.

On second thought, maybe not.

Lloyd Sam

Sam was beloved in New York and has had his moments in DC too. His challenge is staying healthy, but if FC Dallas wanted to find a decently priced veteran who could provide some speed and depth on the wing, Sam could get a camp invite. I don’t see too many wingers who could promise an impact out of free agency or in the re-entry draft. He's definitely one of the few. Again, if he can stay on the field, this would be a decent try - but that’s a huge if.

Je-Vaughn Watson

If you remember, Watson wanted a move to the northeast to be near family. It was a sad but understandable departure for the normally stalwart FC Dallas guy. He earned his way into 40+ appearances and minutes with New England though. At age 34, he’s probably close to hanging up his cleats, but if he was up for another year, would FC Dallas roll the dice on him in a backup role behind Reggie Cannon? Could he serve as last year’s Atiba Harris-esque player?

Slim Pickings

Truth, I don’t see FC Dallas spending a ton of time in the Re-Entry Draft. Maybe they will find a keeper, a veteran center back, or a guy like Dillon Powers to build up some depth - but that’s about it. With LAFC coming in to the league, there will be some competition for decent pieces. FC Dallas isn’t going to spend a bunch of money on an aging free agent unless they really like someone.

Who else deserves mention as a free agent or a pickup in the Re-Entry Draft?