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Five available players from MLS that FC Dallas should be interested in

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Nearly all of MLS has made their offseason roster moves, so it means there is some talent to be snatched up.

MLS: New England Revolution at FC Dallas Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Last Monday was the roster decision day around the league as the majority of the clubs made their offseason plans by extending or not extending contracts to their players for 2018.

From that list of players, there will be those that are free agency bound, Re-Entry Draft bound or to the waiver wires.

Naturally there is a lot of time before things can really happen here. Players can still re-sign with their previous clubs or could even move on to overseas clubs. But there are a few guys that are available that would be a solid fit or at least worth considering for next season here with FC Dallas.

One thing I’ve been a big advocate about so far this season is seeing FC Dallas get depth through experienced players from within MLS. You aren’t building your roster completely around any one of these guys. One to two veteran guys can go a long way for a team, just look at what Seattle was able to get with Harry Shipp and Will Bruin this season. Its all about the right fit and I think some of these guys could do well here.

Richard Sanchez - goalkeeper - Re-Entry Draft

It has been discussed that Sanchez is possibly going to stay in Chicago as the two sides are working on a new deal. But in the event that falls through, it would be something else to bring Sanchez back to Dallas as the backup to Jesse Gonzalez.

Sanchez is the type of backup you probably want going into 2018 anyways, as he would likely only be called on for Open Cup games and some random spot duty during the year.

2017 Salary: $64,999.92

Andrew Ferrell - right back - Re-Entry Draft

I know we have the future in Reggie Cannon at this spot but Ferrell would be an immediate upgrade from what the club has had in this spot over the last few years.

He can also play in the middle at times when that is needed, though some would argue that was a terrible idea for him when he was in New England. To that I say, he would have a better partner in someone like Matt Hedges or Walker Zimmerman, a massive improvement over his time at center back in New England.

2017 Salary: $263,600.00

Matais Laba - defensive center midfielder - Re-Entry Draft

This one is tricky when you consider the ACL injury that he is coming off and the fact that Vancouver may actually try to keep him around as a sign of good faith. But Laba has been a fairly consistent player over the years since he landed in MLS. There isn’t anything flashy or special about him but he is the type of midfielder that just gets the job done and helps improve the rest of his team.

If they can get him here on a cheaper deal (he was once a DP), I think he would mix in well with the already heavy South American group in the locker room.

2017 Salary: $885,500.00

Dillion Powers - central midfielder - Re-Entry Draft

MLS: FC Dallas at Colorado Rapids Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

I know there is the big #BringLeeHome movement going on here on this blog but I’m probably more in the camp of #BringDillonHome instead. First of all, he’s available. Second of all, seeing what Oscar Pareja was able to do with him in Colorado have me excited enough to think the magic could return in Frisco for the pair.

Powers has slipped in terms of productivity over the last couple of years but I point the blame in some ways to coaching for that.

Let’s also not forget that Kellyn Acosta continues to be getting interest in Europe, so it is only a matter of time before they’ll need to replace him anyways.

2017 Salary: $325,000.00

Darren Mattocks - forward/winger

He’s currently working with Portland on a new deal but given that his option was already declined, you do wonder if he’ll stay on with their whole coaching change situation going on. I’ve always been intrigued by Mattocks and his ability on the ball. He’s always a threat and could be an intriguing prospect in Oscar Pareja’s system.

2017 Salary: $316,666.67

Are there any available players from within MLS that you are more interested in? Let us know below.