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Quick Burns: One Christmas wish for FC Dallas

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Christmas is almost here but what does FC Dallas really need?

MLS: Toronto FC at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Christmas is here folks. Stockings are hung by the fire, lights are on the trees and it is time to make that one final wish for the big holiday.

In the spirit of the holidays we asked our staff what one wish that they had for FC Dallas this season.

Jason Poon - Packed Stadium

There’s just something about a completely sold out stadium to take in a soccer game. The energy, the vibe, the electricity in the air. It’s kind of a win-win situation for everyone involved. The fans have a better time. The players have a better time. The front office has a better time. More revenue, more players, more winning, more trophies, more fans, more revenue...

If that doesn’t work, how about another trophy?

Nathan Hill - A Signing to Get Excited About

I do think a great boost to 2018 would be a decently popular signing that die hard fans and on-the-fence types can share some passion for. The Hall of Fame is great, but people aren’t buzzing about it. Playing the kids is really cool for die hard fans but not something that is going to draw in casual interest. I’m not even talking about a big name star playing over in Europe. Maybe a player who has had some success in Liga MX that can generate a bit of across the board buzz? Maybe someone who had a bit of a run in a World Cup? Maybe even a decent name USMNT guy? I’m open to ideas, but while this would not solve marketing issues, it would give us fans a boost of optimism and interest as we start the new year.

El Chico Carmona - Good Health and Fortune

I'll go with a good old fashion wish. If this team can stay healthy year round, and a couple of bounces go their way, I still believe they can be one of the top teams in MLS.

I also like Nathan's wish, but I'll settle for FCD having the good fortune of discovering another diamond in the rough.

Mohammad Bushnaq - Cristian Colmán: 2018 MLS Golden Boot Winner

A holiday wish is no fun if you don’t ask for anything you want, right? FC Dallas really needs this wish to happen for many reasons. First, it would provide a prolific goalscorer in Dallas for the first time since the days of Jeff Cunningham (2009) and Kenny Cooper (the first time around in 2008). Fun fact: FC Dallas has only had two top-five MLS goalscorers since 2007. Second, it would silence the critics in the fan-base rather quickly who have been upset (rightfully so) at the inept finishing ability of Colmán so far. Finally, it would indicate a strong/healthy season from the offense after a rather anemic year. Make it happen, Cristian.

Ben Lyon - CCL Champions

Why not? We’ll actually have Mauro this time. I have no idea how the team is going to change with drafts, mini-drafts, trades, transfer windows, etc; but anything’s possible with the right mix. I’ll probably just end up with socks and a tie.

Etan Cohn - Big Ad Campaign

MLS now is ahead of the NHL and MLB in average attendance figures, and it hurts that FC Dallas had the worst MLS average attendance per game in 2017, and was below the NHL and MLB averages. It doesn’t sit well for me that FC Dallas is being dragged by the rest of the league. It is true that the stadium seats weren’t all available in 2017 because of the US Soccer Hall of Fame construction, but the limited seats still were rarely sold out. Maybe spending on ads would have been a waste with limited seats available, but with the Hall of Fame opening soon, it is important that the games and the museum are promoted heavily. There is a giant soccer market out there in Dallas, and European fans also need to be converted into MLS and FC Dallas fans as well.