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FC Dallas passes in 2017 Re-Entry Draft, now what?

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So no pickup in the RED, what is next for FC Dallas this offseason?

MLS: FC Dallas at Montreal Impact Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports

The choices just weren’t good. Players opted out before the draft. Or there were too many expensive options. Either way, FC Dallas passed in the second stage of the 2017 Re-Entry Draft today and now the roster rebuild for 2018 remains a bit of a mystery as we head into the end of the calendar year.

So now what?

Use that Allocation Spot

We know the club still remains atop the league’s Allocation Order, the mechanism that helps teams sign former and current national team players that are coming into MLS. We’ve discuss that the team could be looking to use that before the end of the year to sign a defender (there are plenty of defenders on the list right now).

A guy like Jorge Villafana or even Fabian Johnson would be a possibility here.

Another option is trading away that top spot for more allocation money. We’ve seen teams get a couple hundred thousand in allocation for the top spot in the past. Dallas could easily flip this slot for more allocation money, draft picks or another big player.

Transfers & Trades

We know there are rumors flying around left and right about possible new players but at the moment none seem to be definite though yesterday’s rumor seems to have some decent legs to it. [EDIT: That signing is now official]

There are still trades that could happen within MLS that FC Dallas is looking at doing. Given the holes that the team has on the roster it would make sense for the team to look within the league for additional help.

SuperDraft & Homegrown Players

Next month is the last of the offseason drafts with the SuperDraft. FC Dallas currently owns the 11th spot in the draft. I would imagine they’ll look to add a defender or midfielder through this year’s draft with that spot.

Last but not least is getting another Homegrown player signed like keeper Ben Hale, defender Brandon Terwege, forwards Bryan Padilla or Dante Sealy. Any could be an option for the team this winter but I wouldn’t expect the same amount of HGP signings like last year.

Even with all of that the club still has a long, long way to go this offseason to rebuild for next season. With only one signing to date (backup keeper Jimmy Maurer), there are still holes throughout the defense and in the midfield that need to be filled.

Are you disappointed that FCD didn’t sign anyone through the Re-Entry Draft?