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The Waiver Draft Is finally here

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Today at 3:30 PM EST, a lot of teams will pass on a bunch of players. Will FC Dallas make any moves?

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Soccer is a bizarre but awesome league with its twisting, byzantine rules, silly money that gets traded around for this and that, and numerous drafts. We just had an Expansion draft for the fledgling Los Angeles FC. Today, the next piece in the offseason puzzle unfolds with the Waiver Draft. Here’s its purpose, courtesy of MLSSoccer:

The Waiver Draft consists of players who have been waived by their clubs but don’t meet the minimum years of service requirement for the Re-Entry Draft or Free Agency — so mostly young players who are relatively new to MLS.

Under-contract players who are selected in the Waiver Draft will be automatically added to the drafting club’s roster. Clubs that claim out-of-contract players must issue a genuine offer to the selected player.

If you are curious about who is available in this draft, you can read the list here.

Most teams do not take advantage of this draft. The waiver draft is sort of stuck between free agency and the re-entry, so teams either don’t have much negotiating power with players or these are fringe young guys who still have a lot to prove. It doesn’t mean teams can’t find some gems here, but I don’t think we will expect FC Dallas to make much noise in this draft.

But if they do, here are a few names to consider:

Gideon Baah (D)

FC Dallas definitely needs defensive depth, and Baah could be one of the few intriguing possibilities in this draft. Matt Doyle suggested that FCD could be a decent landing spot for the promising defender who has been sidelined with injury issues. Yes, he’s 26 and has poked his toe in with the Ghanian national senior team, but those injury issues sidelined him for the whole of 2017. I doubt FC Dallas bites.

Oguchi Onyewu (D)

The stout former USMNT center back is another potential selection if FC Dallas wants some veteran presence on the backline. He put in 22 appearances for the Philadelphia Union last season and was solid. He’s now 35, so if you picked him up, I doubt you hope to get that many appearances. But the guy still has some fire in him. If the team is re-signing Maynor Figueroa though, I don’t think Onyewu is needed.

Joao Meira (D)

Another intriguing defender, Meira made 58 appearances over the past couple of years with the Chicago Fire. He's 30 and pretty dependable all in all. I imagine if you could convince Meira to give Dallas a shot, he and Hedges would make a solid partnership, two in their prime CBs. With that said, Meira may have had an option to stay with the Fire but prefers to be near family at this point in his career. I doubt FC Dallas wants another player on the roster who doesn’t really want to be there. Pass.

The rest of the list is an assortment of players who made few if any appearances or who are coming off of difficult injuries. Again, while one or two teams may pick someone, it’s also likely that no one is selected at all.

Do you see anyone else that is worthy of a look? Do you anticipate FC Dallas making a move today?

The Waiver Draft begins at 3:30 PM EST today.