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Our plea to bring Lee Nguyen home to Dallas

We want Lee back in is our plea to him.

MLS: New England Revolution at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Lee,

We at BigDSoccer have been giving this a lot of thought and feel as if you would be a great addition to our squad. Besides the fact you are a top tier top midfielder in MLS and would fill a pretty sizeable hole in our midfield, which can be seen here, it’s time to #BringLeeHome.

Our goal is to give you concrete evidence to help influence your decision. Obviously we understand there is this little thing called a contract that you are under, but we are dreamers. We aren’t worried about “legal jargon”. Instead, we are more interested in your return back to the promise land.

Now I understand that you have been gone for a few years, but some things have changed around here. For example, we now have a Nebraska Furniture Mart, not 20 minutes away from the stadium. It’s quite an amazing place to spend some of your days off. If you can’t find any new furniture to fill out your new home, then you aren’t going to find it anywhere. It really is the perfect starter kit to help kickstart your new life back home.

On top of that, we still have some of the best Pho in the nation. I understand it’s been a couple of years since you’ve spent significant time here, so I went ahead and found a nicely organized list of the best spots to go to. It can be found here. Don’t worry about thanking me, you wearing a Hoops kit is thanks enough.

If Pho isn’t enough, we also have these things called breakfast tacos here. There is no way that they have decent Mexican food in New England. DFW though, has some of the best in the country. Again, I’m not expecting you to know the best spots in the metroplex, but I went ahead and did some digging on it for you. You can find a good starter list here.

Growing up here in North Dallas, I assume you are a Dallas Cowboys fan, so you will be glad to know that their training facility is just minutes away from FC Dallas’. Dak Prescott is a big fan of the club so you would be able to meet up with him and become BFFs. On the off chance that you aren’t a Cowboys fan (just trying to cover all basis’ here), you’re in luck. They still haven’t made an NFC Championship in 20 plus years, so you really won’t have to worry about the hype surrounding them.

Enough of your personal life. Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of the club itself. I’ve got three words for you. Soccer Specific Stadium. You will no longer have to play your home games in an NFL stadium. On top of that, FC Dallas plays on a luscious grass field. Their Director of Stadium Grounds, Allen Reed is a bit of a God around these parts. He keeps the fields in tip top shape. On top of that, he post really awesome pictures. Nothing against the field you currently play on, but you’d have to admit, this does look awfully nice.

Imagine for a second, you are in the Conference finals in late November trying to get to MLS Cup. It’s a cold evening with a bit of dew in the air. You’ve got your warm mittens on and are ready to rumble. Now think, if you could choose between playing said match on grass or turf, which would you choose? For me, grass would be the answer every time.

Another plus about our club is that we have one of the best young managers in the league in Oscar Pareja. With him at the helm, he allows for his players to be creative, while also coming up with a structured game plan. He is definitely a players coach, with the biggest testament being that his players call him Papi. He is genuinely one of the nicest and most humble guys you will ever come in contact with. Oscar has built this team as more of a family. All the players genuinely enjoy each other’s company. They even have team BBQ events after practice and the food looks awesome!

Now, it is true that FCD underperformed this year. However, the spine of the team that accomplished back to back 60 point seasons as well as last year’s USOC title (sorry about that) is still in place. So, it’s more of a reloading rather than a rebuilding project. On top of that, we have CCL this year. Luckily, in a lot of ways, this team is built to compete in CCL a little better than MLS itself. We are able to bunker and counter, which worked almost perfectly in 2017 if not for the altitude in Pachuca.

Sticking with the stability aspect, with the US Soccer Hall of Fame coming to Frisco, Dan Hunt has shown an interest in continuing to invest into the team to hoping to have them compete at the highest levels. Everyone around here is a bit frustrated with how this season ended and are expecting to turn things around next year (hopefully with your help).

Lastly, we have one of the best supporters sections in MLS (self appointed of course). They are extremely creative and will come with Tifos that could possibly look as sharp as this.

Again I understand there are a lot of moving parts to get you to DFW, but we will let smarter people than us figure that out. Our goal is to continue the #BringLeeHome movement one article at a time. One doesn’t simply eat an elephant except for one bite at a time.