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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down: Is it time to move on from Atiba Harris?

Good Guy Atiba has been a steady player but he hasn’t always been the best.

MLS: FC Dallas at Colorado Rapids Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason deep dive into the roster continues on today as we look at another veteran player for FC Dallas. Up today, we look at Atiba Harris.

What Atiba brings to the table

Ever since FC Dallas re-acquired Atiba Harrs in the 2014 Re-Entry Draft, he has been one of those players that fans either love or hate. Oscar Pareja converted him from being a striker in the team back in 2010 to a winger, to a full back...and then to a center back in 2017.

Harris is that utility player that will literally play anywhere Pareja tells him to and in a pinch can do a pretty solid job as a result.

He appeared in 28 games this season, making 21 starts with two goals and two assists. About the type of production you’d expect out of a defender really.

Salary impact

For a veteran player that can be slotted in almost anywhere, his $155k salary isn’t that bad of a hit on the books. Sure, you’d like a little more bang for the buck but I think Harris gives you what you pay for here.

Final thoughts

I know folks love to hate on Atiba but he is a great locker room guy to have around. I lump him in the same boat as a Chris Seitz as the type of veteran you want to have on your team. I think if the depth can truly get rebuilt in the offseason, Harris would be a great option to have off the bench for the heat of the summer and those late fall games where the team needs a closer in the back.

But, I leave it to you all again. Does he stay or go?


Should FC Dallas keep Atiba Harris for another season?

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  • 56%
    Yes, we need at least a few veteran guys like him
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  • 43%
    No, now is the best time to move on
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