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Maynor Figueroa retires from international competition

Maynor had some choice words for the officials before retiring.

Honduras played at Australia, Wednesday night, with a ticket to the World Cup on the line. It was a very physical match, that saw Australia punch their ticket with a 3-1 victory.

It was a bitter loss for Maynor Figueroa and his team mates, and the Honduras Captian had some harsh words for the officials, after they awarded Australia 2 penalty kicks:

“Until that first goal we were having a good game, (But) that second goal the referee gifted it to them — that is very obvious to the whole world.”

“I only have words of gratitude and praise for my colleagues, but to the referee; no one is going to save himself from divine justice, if he is cashing a cheque for this, nobody will be saved.”

Following the defeat, Maynor submitted his resignation from the Honduras National Team.

"Better things will come, a better generation will arrive." said Figueroa after the game. "For my part, there will always be the willingness to help, and to improve for years to come.”

The FC Dallas defender had 26 GP, 2325 Mins., 109 Recoveries, 87 Clearances, 9 Blocks in 2017.