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More TAM could be made available to FC Dallas in 2018

The new TAM could be similar to how DPs are paid.

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

With the offseason well underway for FC Dallas (they’re actually about to be officially done for 2017 this Friday), new reports are coming out about how much Targeted Allocation Money could be available to teams in MLS next season.

According to a report by FourFourTwo’s Paul Tenorio, MLS owners are weighing the possibility of making an additional $2 million in TAM available to be spent at each team’s discretion. This would bring the total TAM pool to $3.2 million per team.

The big difference here is that unlike in the past with TAM (it came out of a league-wide pool), this would be money available to be paid by each owner, just like Designated Player contracts are handled.

The league is also discussing the possibility of raising the ceiling at which a player is TAM eligible. Currently, that figure is $1 million with the new proposal set at $1.5 million.

Last year FC Dallas used TAM to help keep Mauro Diaz under the DP threshold and to sign Roland Lamah.

Typically in the past the club has been more relaxed about their big spending in the DP game, so it would be interesting to see how much Dan Hunt and company will be willing to pour into the roster given how the results fared on the field in 2017.

This additional money will also help make up for the fact that the club had to fork over some following the Michael Barrios sub-gate in Orlando earlier in the year. That was money pulled out of the General Allocation Money pool however.

No matter what, this additional money helps FC Dallas have a little more flexibility on an offseason that is bound to have plenty of roster moves.