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FC Dallas fined $100k for roster violation

FC Dallas loses out on some allocation money in the end.

MLS: FC Dallas at Orlando City SC Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

In the end, FC Dallas loses out on some allocation money following the roster violation that happened last weekend in Orlando.

Major League Soccer has fined FC Dallas $75,000 of General Allocation Money and $25,000 for a roster violation during the September 30 match against Orlando City SC.

We all know the story by now but to recap, prior to the match against Orlando, FC Dallas listed Michael Barrios in the club’s starting lineup as part of the official match day roster. The official match day roster is submitted 60 minutes before kickoff. A player who is removed from the official match roster’s starting lineup within 60 minutes prior to kickoff may not participate in the match, with the exception of the goalkeeper.

FC Dallas requested that Michael Barrios be moved to the bench in place of Tesho Akindele 15 minutes before the match. The referee crew incorrectly allowed the change to occur and notified Orlando City SC of the change to the official match day roster prior to the match.

This was something we discussed in our original post on this matter. The officials knew and were cool with it.

Here is what MLS had to say on the matter per their press release:

“The referee crew’s administrative error and decision to place Michael Barrios on the official match roster was carefully considered while making the decision to sanction FC Dallas for this rule violation,” said MLS Deputy Commissioner Mark Abbott. “However, all of our clubs are aware of game day roster rules and FC Dallas should have removed Barrios from the official match roster.”

The other big note comes here:

FIFA delegates management of roster rules and sanctions for violations to the respective leagues throughout the world. There is no international rule for changes to a match day roster.

So Dallas should have known better. The refs really should have known better. No points were docked like one might have thought. FIFA lets each league be the judge and jury in cases like this, so it wasn’t a FIFA rule being violated.

Sure, this is a slap on the wrist in some ways for the club. And yes, this could lead to a very slippery slope for other clubs in the league to test with the league. In the end, FCD fans can move on from this.