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Comparing Season Ticket Prices Across MLS

Who’s got the best deals in the league?

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of caveats before jumping in:

  1. All the numbers are in USD.
  2. All the numbers are based off of if you became a season ticket member in 2018. There are several teams that run various tiers for their pricing pending on when you became a member.
  3. The prices are only reflective if you sat in the Supporter’s Section. Every team/stadium has their own pricing structure, which makes it almost impossible to compare prices in an apples-to-apples sense. The one constant is the Supporter’s Section, hence that’s the only data point being used here.
Prices by club in alphabetical order

The average season ticket price for seats in the Supporter’s Section is $378. So FC Dallas is right there in terms of their pricing compared to the rest of the league.

Prices from cheapest to most expensive

Unsurprisingly, the ones in high demand and have wait-lists like Portland, Toronto and Atlanta are on the higher end in terms of pricing.

So there you have it. But I will say doing research for this was more ridiculous than it should’ve been. Here’s what I ran up against. Some of these are a bit dated because of when I started this and some of these issue have been fixed since.

San Jose is one of the worst


This is really ridiculous and complicated to look through with all the color schemes and shades and obscure tiny seating sections. Just ugh.

NYRB is a close second

Don’t laugh NYC fans, you weren’t much better either.

This was the actual size of the graphic with my monitor set to full screen. Impossible to read. Then they had the option to click on the magnifying glass to take a closer look. This was what ensued:

I did not alter this image in any way. That’s the actual size when I asked to “magnify”. SMH.

New England took an interesting approach

They were on the only club to utilize the strike through function. Seemed a bit odd.

Vancouver was great

Simple, elegant and very readable. The sections of the stadium were much easier to identify.

However, and maybe I’m a bit biased but it’s very clear FC Dallas got this right:

The best: FC Dallas

3 different colors. 3 prices. Very easily sectioned out and properly placed contrasting colors so it’s very easy to identify what you’ll be paying in each section.

The biggest loser: Orlando

That’s what greeted me for a full week when I navigated from their home page to the “Tickets” section. It’s been corrected since, but still embarrassing.