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View from the East: Perfect Weather

Bitter end to what was an awesome match.

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Tough year if you’re a soccer fan in the Dallas area. So much hope and promise coming into this season, it was a shame for it all to end on an incredible afternoon that showcased a fantastic match. Our old friend in the construction section got to watch his last match of the season and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Crowd reacting with each notification from our phones was reminiscent of a couple years ago, and this team might need some reevaluating after this year.

Incredible weather, incredible turnout, incredible match

Getting to the stadium there was a great deal of excitement, but also a sense that this was probably going to be a meaningless game anyway. Mainly because I’m a realist. The weather though, was absolutely fantastic with the sun combining well with the breeze to give a fantastic mean temperature. Although, I can only assume the other side was a little cold being in the shade and all.

There were less LA Galaxy fans than have been at previous matches, but the good news was the turnout for this final game looked pretty decent actually. Our construction worker looked to have been busy as the materials gathered around him continued to swell and looks like he’s in for a busy offseason. An offseason that may have started a little too early in the opinion of many Hoop faithful....

C’mon Minnesota - Season Recap

It was a hard ask of Minnesota to walk into Avaya and steal points away from a hungry San Jose. Many in the crowd were constantly checking their phones to see the score of the San Jose game. Small cheers were heard around in pockets as Minnesota scored their first, then the same when they scored their second goal. It reminded me of the home match a couple years ago where we were checking to seeing the result of the New York Red Bulls game in our race against them for the shield. Didn’t turn out well for us that time. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out that well for us either. When it looked like it would stay tied, groans were audible as the internet delivered the unfortunate update that San Jose had indeed scored in the last minute of stoppage time. That was so this season.

It really did fit in with the theme of this season. Just not good enough, and not getting any real help. From the VAR decisions earlier in the year, to the transfer rumor and saga that enveloped the team during it’s lowest point. Then Bruce Arena seemingly tainting some of our best talent with national team call ups in his ill fated attempt to getting into the World Cup. Seriously, how do Kellyn and Matt play so well, get called up, then come back in bad form? In any event, its been real Toyota Stadium, peace out until March.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Well, we ended like we started, beating MLS’ pet team.” Any day we beat the LA Galaxy is a good day. Even if it was the last thing we did.

Were you able to make it out for our final game of the season? What were your expectations heading into this game? How often were you looking at your phone checking the score of the San Jose game? Let me know in the comments below!