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FC Dallas vs LA Galaxy: Match Predictions

It all comes down to this

MLS: FC Dallas at LA Galaxy Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

There’s something cruel yet intrinsically hopeful that after such a collapse, FC Dallas still has a chance at the post-season. A win this afternoon, followed by some help elsewhere, could still see Dallas keep their season alive. In an odd twist of fate, where this feature last year meant Dallas would capture the elusive double by lifting the Supporter’s Shield in Carson, CA, this time, it’s a chance of redemption or the final blow to a lost season.


Maybe it’s because we’re all sentimental, or perhaps it’s a home game, or maybe it’s because the worst team in the league, but the staff are exuding an odd healthy combination of apathy and optimism for this one.

BDS Standings

Position Name Point Total
Position Name Point Total
1 Drew Epperley 29
2 Jared Tilley 27
3 Nathan Hill 26
4 Ben Lyon 22
5 Jeff Loftin 20
6 Etan Cohn 18
7 Mohammad Bushnaq 18
8 Jack Rouse 18
9 Jason Poon 17
10 Ryan Scanlon 16
11 Scott Hiney 9
12 Jose Carmona 8
13 Andrew Gentry 4
14 Cody Gamond 2
15 Preston Wetherington 2
16 Noah Riffe 1

No movement in the standings. But with Phil, Mohammad and Nathan all making the same picks (we do these blind), it ensures that either Phil will take top honors this season or he’ll share the top spot with Drew.

Staff Prediction Standings

Position Name Point Total
Position Name Point Total
1 Phil Luetchford 31
2 Mohammad Bushnaq 30
3 Nathan Hill 30
4 Drew Epperley 28
5 Jason Poon 27
6 Ben Lyon 23
7 Ryan Scanlon 22
8 Cody Gamond 17
9 Etan Cohn 17
10 Jack Rouse 14
11 Scott Hiney 13
12 Jack Hazzard 12
13 Jose Carmona 12
14 Jeff Loftin 10
15 Jared Tilley 8
16 Preston Wetherington 7
17 Joshua Sampson 3

Correct Prediction: 1pt

Correct Scoreline: 2pts

What do you guys think? Can Dallas salvage their season? Or is this it and we should just get ourselves ready for 2018?