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Did FC Dallas violate FIFA rules in their 0-0 draw to Orlando City?

Oh boy. Things just got interesting.

MLS: FC Dallas at Orlando City SC Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Just when this year wouldn’t get any more interesting for FC Dallas, MLS reporter Paul Tenorio dropped this bomb on Twitter.

Okay we’re listening....

So what’s the big deal?

Oh crap....

Well....that doesn’t sound good to us.

Yeah...plenty at stake indeed.

Naturally this could be a big blow to FC Dallas’ post season chances. Here are a couple things that could have easily happened here:

1. The wrong lineup sheet was submitted and then corrected at the last minute.

This actually happens a fair amount at MLS games, not often enough to draw attention but enough that you know mistakes happen and no one loses points over.

2. The officials knew about the last minute change and accepted it.

To me this would fall on PRO, not FCD.

So we’ll see what happens to this story. Once we get word from the league and/or FCD we’ll pass it along to you all as soon as we can.