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View from the East: Taking in a MLS game on Facebook Live!

Tried the Facebook Live feed this time.

MLS: FC Dallas at Orlando City SC Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas traveled to Orlando this past weekend, which meant the FCD faithful back in Dallas had to watch the game on the tube. It was either on Univision or, if you wanted a little more entertainment, Facebook Live. The stadium was fairly empty, and the comments online weren’t shy to point it out, sometimes a little too much. It’s nice to be on an unbeaten stretch now, but not coming away with a win was a little disappointing.

Facebook Live

Steve Zakuani was actually very insightful and fun to listen to as a commentator. Happy to see him doing some commentating after injuries derailed his promising career. Would not mind listening to him commentate more games that aren’t on TXA 21. That team is my favorite, partly because they know the right camera angles to show at the right times as opposed to the Facebook Live camera guys. Not sure if they use the same feed as Univision, but the camera angles looked awkward at times. Really weird when a cross would come in and the camera would drag almost behind the ball as it refocused on the 18 yard box.

Not sure if it was my internet connection, but I did see others complaining about the stream quality so I don’t think it was just me. The stream stopped on me at least once fully, and skipped around a few times as well. Freezing and catching up when it felt like going. Hoping these kinks are figured out for future games, but definitely liking the way this is going. Internet streaming provides great access for the cable cutting generation that prefers soccer to the traditional big 4 sports.

Comment Section

Comments section was hilarious. At times it was very pro-FC Dallas (or anti-Orlando depending on perspective), but on other occasions it was Orlando heavy. After a while though I tuned the comments out. It was about 70% trolls, 20% actual fans trying to watch the game and reacting to trolls, 2% Official Facebook pages posting, and 8% absolute non-sense. Which if you think about it, kinda sums up the internet as a whole. Except you reader, you’re cool.

Finally, your fan quote of the day: “Jason Kreis dressed like a Tesla salesman.” Legit laughed at that comment.

Anyone else watch the Facebook feed? What did you think about it compared to the other broadcasts that we’ve seen our team on? Did you switch the comments off after 10 minutes, or were they too entertaining to switch off? Let me know in the comments below!