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View From the East: Leave. Pareja. Alone.

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A few words in defense of our glorious leader, Oscar ‘Papi’ Pareja.

Not sure what you were expecting, but that game was pretty much what I expected. Mark Followill and Brad Friedel were on the call on FS1, with Mark doing his usual phenomenal job and Friedel doing his best impression of a commentator. It appears that the squad Oscar Pareja has built in Dallas has hit a high water mark with the Supporters Shield and the Open Cup from last year. Don’t even think for a second that it’s Pareja’s fault. The players have failed the coach in my opinion....

Effort Level (#ParejaIn)

The second half of this season has been abysmal and there seems to be some #ParejaOut folks coming out of the woodworks and really chatting bad about our beloved Papi. You can’t tell me that the team has been giving it their all during the second half of this ill-fated season. Oscar Pareja coached the youth teams extremely well, and had a hand in turning our youth system into one of the best in the country. Then he went to Colorado, took a team with little talent (sorry Rapids players of 2012-2013) and led them to the playoffs. The players bought into what Pareja was selling and it was working. He came here and immediately got us into the playoffs a season after we finished second bottom of the Western Conference with only Chivas USA propping us up from being bottom.

Now there’s really people suggesting the man’s removal? If anything, we should give him full control of who gets to stay and who leaves. The man currently has a 51% win percentage with our men in hoops. This is on the players, but there are circumstances that have made this particular season even more challenging than the ones that preceded it. Injuries, international call ups, and transfer distractions have all had a hand in what can only be described as an unfortunate perfect storm that might be a blemish on an otherwise outstanding record so far managing FC Dallas. Get outta here with that #ParejaOut bologna and realize what you have!

FS1 vs TXA 21?

Call me biased, but overall through the course of the season I’ve liked TXA 21’s broadcasting a little more than the others. Both TXA 21 and FS1 beat the Facebook Live and Friday Futbol broadcasts. ESPN commentary always seem to be just ok, just always a little biased against Dallas but with actually well done camera work. Maybe I’m spoiled by Mark’s bias towards FC Dallas though during his broadcasting and that’s why I gravitate towards FS1 and TXA 21?

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “Pareja Out!”. Not agreeing with it, it’s just absolutely shocking that it has actually been said and got me started on the above rant. Shook my head in complete disbelief.

Have the players failed Pareja, or has Pareja failed the players? Anyone in the #ParejaOut camp want to give insight into why you think Papi should leave and who’d we replace him with? Do you have a preference between FS1, TXA 21, Facebook Live, Univision, or ESPN? Let me know in the comments below!