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Ben's Fantasy (MLS Fantasy Manager Round 32)

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Penultimate round. Big D League championship on the line.

MLS: San Jose Earthquakes at Toronto FC Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

So we’re down to the last two weeks, and Phil is very close to defending his championship in our league. He’ll have to fight off late charges from Pancho Villa’s watch and Damaged Goods though. Geoff and Richard, who will get a shout if he wins the Ocatagon, both managed to cut in to Phil’s lead last round. Both will need a big week and a slip from Phil to make it manageable in Round 33, but they’re definitely in range. The fades might help make the difference this round. I’ll try to make them good.

Fool’s Gold: (Round 30. 1-3 (8), Season 18-15 (4.91 avg))

  1. Justin Morrow D $7.5
  2. Joevin Jones D $6.0
  3. Albert Rusnak M $10.3
  4. David Villa F $12.3

The fades from Round 30 were definitely the risk in the ‘risk-reward’ scenario. To be fair, Bendik probably only got a cleansheet because Villareal doesn’t know what a handball is.

Oh well- hopefully the disclaimer I’ve provided every week helped you measure how much or how little of this strategy to use.

Morrow and Jones are overpriced, and I think neither of them gets a cleansheet today. I’ll go ahead and cross my fingers that neither picks up an assist or a goal (I’m all in on KC’s D today anyway). As for Rusnak and Villa, they could easily post a good number today. That said, they’re both on the road in conference, so I think it’s worth the fade because you’ve probably got better options for a bigger number and skipping on them gives you a chance to make a late push. Good luck!

Again- this is the avoid pile. Do so at your own peril. These are all popular players I’m fading in order to catch up. This end’s this week’s disclaimer.

Byrd’s Ballers: (Round 30. 3-1-1, Season 81-35-23)

  1. Sebastian Giovinco F $13.4
  2. Diego Valeri M $12.1
  3. Romain Alessandrini M $10.7
  4. Nema Nikolic F $10.6
  5. Victor Vazquez M $9.8

When in doubt, go Ant and give him the armband. Might as well add his sidekick, whose 8.29 ppg average at home this year is ridiculous and may very well be the best in FMLS for mids this year among regular starters. Niko has regained his touch (really burned me in 30), Alessandrini offers a nice high floor/high ceiling potential, and Diego Valeri is the highest scoring player this season. All should be worth the money this round.

Skinflint’s Specials: (Round 30 3-2-0, Season 70-66-0)

  1. Tim Parker D $5.0
  2. Dominique Badji F $6.1
  3. Djorde Mihalovic M $3.9
  4. Jakob Nerwinski D $4.4
  5. Marcel DeJong D $4.9

A switcheroo this round is advisable. If you need the primer, here you go. You want a late game sheeple- best option at mid is Pomykal, D is Schmidt, and F is Adekoya. Don’t you dare go with the Ol’ Smitty (Nathan Smith). That’s just asking for trouble.

I think Vancouver wraps up the conference today, so I’m bullish on the D. DeJong even offers OOP potential in defensive midfield, and if you really want to go for the home run, you can shoot for ‘The Fonz’ with Davies (although it’s hard to bank on the start). Mihalovic offers you a potential caviar ‘10’ at sardine prices. Depending on budget, he makes a great switcheroo option with Dominique Badji as a late game option. I’ll be on before the early kick to hash out any dilemmas you might have/field any well-deserved abuse.

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