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Power Rankings: FC Dallas dips following lackluster result

Nobody was impressed with the road draw

MLS: FC Dallas at Minnesota United FC Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to another week of the MLS Power Rankings. FCD travelled to the Colorado Rapids, and left with a 0-0 draw. Seen by many as a must win match, the draw is seen as nothing short of a complete letdown. The draw also places the team’s playoff hopes in peril, as FCD most likely needs victories in their final 2 matches (at Seattle, home against LAG) to sneak in as the #6 seed. Anything short of 2 victories, and FCD will need some results around the league to go their way.

MLS - Ranking 16 (Last Week 15)

Comments: Although it wasn’t the best FC Dallas performance, the draw in Colorado did serve to put them in control of their own playoff destiny. Win their final two matches and FCD are in the postseason. But that’s easier said than done for a team that has won a single game in their last 13, especially with the first one coming in Seattle.

Soccer America - Ranking 14 (Last Week 13)

Comments: FCD picked up its second straight road point but gets a tougher test this weekend in Seattle.

Soccer Stadium Digest - Attendance Rankings

22. FC Dallas 15,106 average attendance.

Comments: Week 31 was perfectly average in every way. Two teams surpassed their season average, two teams failed to reach their season average. As we enter the final month, there are not a lot of mysteries left. MLS has already broken last year’s total attendance record (7,375,144 total fans), and the only issue is when MLS surpasses the 8 million mark, not if. Yes, adding teams to the mix helped, though interestingly enough MLS per-game attendance would actually be down from last season if Atlanta and Minnesota, the two expansion teams, were taken from the mix. Orlando’s move to a new stadium does affect the numbers, but even so, the league average would be 21,008 if you took away Atlanta and Minnesota and raised the Orlando average attendance to what it was in 2016. So that should cause a little concern.