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2017 MLS SuperDraft: Defensive prospects for FC Dallas

The draft is almost near as we preview some potential targets for FC Dallas.

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FC Dallas has a whopping seven picks in the 2017 MLS SuperDraft. Three of them come in the first two rounds, which mean there are lots of players and targets to keep an eye out for over the next week.

We know Dallas loves to draft defensively, doing so with their first pick seven times since the 2007 draft (nine if you want to include the two keepers taken in that time).

So who are some targets FC Dallas should have their eyes on for the number 18 spot in this year’s draft? Below are some guys that should be worth checking out.


We know the club has a depth need in this area with Chris Seitz and Jesse Gonzalez firmly set in the top two spots in the depth chart. But there is always a need for a third string keeper and the draft is a good spot to pick one up in.

Eric Klenofsky (Monmouth) - According to Top Drawer Soccer’s latest Big Board, Klenofsky is the top rated keeper in this pool. He is another tall keeper at 6’6”. He’s been a consistent name in the Monmouth lineup for the last four years.

Alec Ferrell (Wake Forrest) - The other top keeper prospect according to Top Drawer Soccer, Ferrell has been a consistent starter all four years with the Demon Deacons. He is a little smaller than Klenofsky but he still has good size at 6’4”.


Naturally FCD has done well in this area. If they can get some depth at center back in this draft, that will be key. Here are some of the better CBs in this draft and some that could drop to them.

* - Generation adidas player

Miles Robinson * (Syracuse) - If FCD wants to go for another young project, Robinson would be that guy. Problem is, with the Generation adidas contract tacked to his name, he’ll be one of the first few guys likely selected in this draft. Robinson though is someone that could stand out in a big way as he reminds me a bit of what we already have in Walker Zimmerman.

Brandon Aubrey (Notre Dame) - Aubrey has already signed a senior deal with MLS, so that part is good for those drafting him. He was one of the best defenders that I saw this past fall in college. Consistent, good on the ball and a dynamic defender. He’s another tall defender at 6’4”, which I wouldn’t mind seeing sit behind Matt Hedges and Zimmerman in the depth charts as he would be a force off the bench (he scored nine goals in his senior year!).

Walker Hume (North Carolina) - If I were a betting man, Hume would be a guy that would be hard to pass up if he fell to Dallas at #18. Outside of Aubrey and Robinson, he is possibly one of the better center backs out there in this player pool. Throw in the fact that I know FCD’s main college scout Marco Ferruzzi loves getting talent out of the ACC. He’s big (6’5”) and physical, something Oscar Pareja likes in a center back. Oh, and he’s a native Texan (originally from San Antonio).

Jordon Wilson (Kentucky) - The little bit of Kentucky that I was able to see this season was enough to show me that Wilson could be a very nice addition to a MLS team at center back. There isn’t a ton of wow factor in him but if you are looking for a purely depth piece with the first round pick, he wouldn’t be a bad one. If he dropped to you in the second round, even better. Yes, he is Scottish but he does carry a green card.