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Big D Daily: News for Thursday, January 5, 2017

Did you know the SuperDraft is next week?

The offseason is in full motion here as we’re inching closer to the next draft on the MLS calendar.

// FC Dallas //

Clavijo: Maxi isn’t going anywhere | Big D Soccer

While they did deny the Fabian Castillo rumors at the time, I don’t think Urruti is in South American on vacation pushing for a transfer right now. This one seems to be pretty dead to me.

Rumors of Urruti transferring are untrue |

I do commend the team for at least acknowledging these rumors. In the past, it would have been pretty much radio silence from them.

What is left on the offseason for FCD | Big D Soccer

A number 9, some depth in the center back spots, a third keeper and I’m on board with the rest of your comments, another central midfielder.

// MLS //

MLS announces GA class and senior signings |

I would say get to know these names right now but I doubt many will end up here from this draft. But you never know what Clavijo and company have worked up their sleeves.

Top ten SuperDraft targets |

This one does some good comparisons to current players in MLS too. There are a couple defenders I wouldn’t mind seeing fall to FCD.

Boom or bust: a look at the top picks in the SuperDraft | FourFourTwo

For the most part there have been a lot of good picks at number one but then again there have also been a lot of bad ones as well.

Eight biggest steals in SuperDraft history | FourFourTwo

No FCD players on this list but we’ll go through our draft history here in the next few days to discuss any steals that we have made.

11 potential European based players that MLS clubs should target |

There are certainly some interesting names on this list. Some players that I wouldn’t mind seeing in Dallas.

Sporting KC adds Gerso Fernandes | The Blue Testament

A DP winger on a long contract sounds risky but I do like the age (25) of Fernandes. He’s bounced around Portugal a lot though, so it will be interesting to see how he lands in MLS.

Timbers add Roy Miller | Stumptown Footy

Add another Costa Rican to the list of additions in MLS.