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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January is over as FC Dallas preps for their Argentina trip.

The preseason rolls on as FC Dallas continues their two-a-days.

// FC Dallas //

Salvatierra claims he didn’t take a physical | Big D Soccer

The classic he said and they said situation here. Either way, FC Dallas moved on from the Costa Rican fullback.

Watch: Cristian Colman’s first training session with FCD |

Its a training session but here is your first real look at the guy in Dallas.

// MLS //

Expansion bids flying in for MLS |

If you are at all interested in how the expansion process is going down, I would keep tabs on this page today as bids from across the country are set to come in on today’s deadline. If I had to put a wager down...the next four are Sacramento, Nashville, Tampa Bay and St. Louis (by the skin of their teeth). Also Miami’s bid dies and that pushes Detroit in.

Indy wants in MLS too! |

Indianapolis will become the 12th city to apply for a MLS bid today. I won’t lie, I wrote the above before I saw this link. It doesn’t change that much in my mind but if they can get a stadium, I’d swap them in for Detroit.

Why cities are deciding on ‘welfare for the rich’ | The Guardian

On the flip side of all this expansion talk, here is an interesting look at how cities are having to face tough decisions on using public funding for these stadium builds.

What the CCL changes mean for MLS teams |

Here is another weigh-in on the CCL changes. All good points really as seeing MLS teams not have to make long road trips in the fall will be good for the playoff races.

MLS Players Union sounds off on travel ban | ESPNFC

We haven’t touched the president’s new travel ban on here yet but it is good to see players getting out in front of it here. I did see that our own Tesho Akindele was at the airport over the weekend protesting.

Gooch signs with Philadelphia | Brotherly Game

Boy, talk about a blast from the past as Philadelphia finally brings Oguchi Oneywu home to MLS.

The whole story: Why Minnesota paid a premium for Molino | FourFourTwo

I will continue to say that $650k is too much for this guy but hopefully he can prove me wrong in the end.