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Big D Daily: News for Monday, January 30, 2017

The second week of preseason is here.

The preseason is really heating up as FC Dallas inches closer to their Argentina trip.

// FC Dallas //

Timo Pitter and Colin Bonner retire from soccer | Big D Soccer

An odd double retirement on Friday was announced by two of the Dallas rookies from last season. Both showed some promise in the USL but a life in pro soccer just isn’t for everyone in the end.

Weekend training notes |

The club did a little small scrimmage over the weekend. It looked like a pretty interesting scrimmage to say the least.

// MLS //

Chicago to reportedly host the 2017 All-Star Game | Hot Time In Old Town

The interesting note is that this one will be at Solider Field and not all the way out at Bridgeview.

New Minnesota stadium to feature large supporter stand | E Pluribus Loonum

I think it may be safe to say that we could be looking at a potential venue to replace Columbus for those big US-Mexico games.

Orlando did what had to be done with Molino | The Mane Land

Still, you have to tip your hat to Orlando for pulling in some serious money for a guy that has potential, though hasn’t fully reached it yet. Only downside is that GMs across the league now know how Orlando values certain players too, which could make dealing with them tougher in the future.

NYCFC add Peruvian defender | Hudson River Blue

City looks to beef up a back line that was a tad leaky last season.

Is Raleigh ready for MLS? |

I’ve missed out on a couple of these expansion city profiles and with the deadline being tomorrow, it is worth catching up on them. Raleigh is an interesting idea in my head but only if Charlotte falls though.

What about San Antonio |

And a second profile on a fellow Texan city. We all know what San Antonio would bring for the Texas Derby. But does it offer anything else to the league?

// USMNT //

Typical January rust for USMNT |

It wasn’t a pretty game at all yesterday for the USMNT but I still prefer games like this than the cupcake games that we used to see in January.

Nagbe was a bright spot for USMNT |

There were a couple guys that stood out yesterday to me, with Darlington Nagbe being one of them. But on the flip side, Jermaine Jones did not look the part.