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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Let the new silly season begin!

A new year also means a new round of transfers.

// FC Dallas //

New Year’s Resolutions for FC Dallas | Big D Soccer

My list of resolutions are out for this year, some are about patience, some are about expanding the reach of the sport in this area. What were some of yours?

Could Aubrey David return to FCD? | Big D Soccer

Again, it is January now, which means rumors and silly stuff is going to be said left and right. But this one could make a ton of sense for FCD to do again.

Your 2016 goal of the year | Big D Soccer

There were a lot of great goals in 2016 but this is the one you voted for. Good job!

Marcus HS coach joins FCD Youth Player Development |

Good to see the club getting some local coaches in their group now.

// MLS //

What to look forward to in 2017 across MLS |

Here is a pretty solid list of things coming up this year across the league. I do enjoy the item on FCD too.

Junior Flores set to join Crew | Massive Report

I feel like I have seen this rumor each of the last few years around this time. So pardon me when I get a little skeptical about it. Thankfully this report also points out the few times that he’s been linked over here.

Appreciating the smaller moments in soccer | FourFourTwo

The little things in life really are the best things in my book. But then again I am typically a glass half-full type of person.

Fearless predictions for 2017 |

I’ve never cared for the word fearless in front of the word predictions but sure why not. Some of these are American related, while most are not. I do like Grant Wahl’s MLS Cup prediction though.

Bold USMNT predictions for 2017 | Stars and Stripes FC

These certainly are bold.