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Big D Daily: News for Friday, January 27, 2017

FC Dallas finally has their forward.

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The weekend is here on the first week of preseason.

// FC Dallas //

FC Dallas (finally) signs Young DP Cristian Colman | Big D Soccer

We’ve all been waiting a couple weeks on this one but yesterday during the club’s first media press conference of the new season, the signing was announced.

Quick Burns: How Colman can be successful in Dallas | Big D Soccer

Our staff tackled the big thought of how Colman can be a big hit here in town this season. One way, reduce expectations and allow the guy to transition into the league.

Clavijo: Colman was the most stressful signing yet |

Anytime you are going out there and are trying to spend the millions that FCD to get a guy like Colman, it would put stress on anyone.

FC Dallas loses out on Devin Vega | Big D Soccer

It was announced last night that the potential HGP decided not to wait on FCD and took his talents to the USL.

FC Dallas senses urgency in training ahead of CCL games | Dallas Morning News

The big trip to Argentina will give the team a huge test in their preparation for this season but most importantly for the CCL games next month.

// MLS //

Minnesota lands Molino (and a keeper) for $650k |

One of the bigger trades went down yesterday as Orlando got a slew of allocation money from Minnesota for Kevin Molino. I know Adrian Heath loves Molino but he ain’t worth that much money.

MLS teams playing for CCL 2019 spots this year | Sounder at Heart

That release by CONCACAF was certainly confusing but we know FC Dallas will be in the 2018 tournament no matter what (winning both USOC and SS last year gets them in without question). But winning MLS Cup will certainly make sure you get in 2019.

Atlanta United has sold 27k season tickets | Dirty South Soccer

Our stadium doesn’t even hold 27k. But seriously, newer is always better in this league in terms of getting a ticket base. Well done Atlanta.

Nashville mayor proposes building soccer stadium | Tennessean

Right now, Nashville is a dark horse selection for me in this expansion race.

Charlotte MLS bid in limbo after canceled vote | Charlotte Observer

As much as I would like to see Charlotte get into MLS (its the perfect link between DC and Atlanta on the map), if you can’t get work done in the local government, then it may not be worth trying.