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Quick Burns: How Cristian Colman can be successful in Dallas

After a few weeks of transfer talks, FC Dallas has Colman.

Última Hora

Now that FC Dallas has made the signing of Designated Player Cristian Colman official, it is time to dive deep into what the signing really means for the club.

Our staff has decided to debate what kind of production Colman needs to bring to warrant the largest transfer fee in club history?

Jason Poon - Depends on Contract

I’ve seen reports suggesting that Colman’s salary would be in the $1 million mark, which is astronomical given the FCD salary structure. If that is true and when you add on the $2 million transfer fee (ballpark), then there’s going to be significant pressure, at least from ownership to deliver the goods to warrant fronting $3 million in the first year.

That being said, Colman’s age (22) and Oscar Pareja’s methodology of patience when integrating new players to the league and the team, does give the sense that the higher ups are willing to at least give it a solid 18-24 months before making any reasonable judgement regarding the player. Otherwise, what’s the point?

My biggest concern though is his strike rate doesn’t jump out at you (11 goals in 31 appearances in 2016). It’s difficult to judge without having watch any footage of him (no, YouTube highlight reels can’t tell you anything. Remember David Texeira?) but when your stats don’t stand out in what is considered a lesser league, then what else do you bring to the table that isn’t on the stat sheet? But then why splash the cash on someone who’s primary asset isn’t goal scoring when that’s been the stated desired attribute(at least among a loud group of fans)?

Prediction: 28 GP (all comps): 12 goals, 5 assists.

Nathan Hill - Patience & Perspective

Cristian Colman warranting the largest transfer fee in club history is a misnomer. $2 million as a transfer fee is no joke, for sure, but let’s not act like this is in the ballpark of what other teams pay to invest in young, quality talent. I’d consider this deal very much similar to how Fabian Castillo and Mauro Diaz were brought into this club - as young Designated Players who will need more development and time to shine (and not without some risk here or there).

If we expect Colman to bag 15+ goals in his first season, we may end up a little disappointed. Maxi Urruti is still around and will cut into his minutes and production to some degree, plus Cristian will need time to adjust and probably face a setback here or there. But I trust the homework done by Clavijo and Pareja. Add the fact that the Hunts were willing to raise their initial asking price means they see something special in this kid’s future.

This signing is not just about this year - it’s also about the years to come. Still, the vacuum is there for Colman to step in early in the season and make a difference. I expect he will. If both he and Urruti can bag about 10-11 goals each (even if some of those goals come in the Open Cup), we will be in excellent shape.

Jared Tilley - Are we done with complaining about money spent?

Before I say anything on this, I want it clear that I am and will always be a fan first. The reason I write about the team is because I am a huge fan of the club. With that being said, now that FCD has spent money on a striker, does that mean we can stop complaining about the Hunts not spending money?

Over the last two years, FC Dallas has got 60 points, twice, and won two trophies last year alone. All while not having a ‘20 goal a year striker.’ This team does things differently and because it is different then the rest of the league, a lot of people cast it off as being ‘cheap.’ I don’t care how it happens or how the team is constructed. I just want results, which is what we’ve had. We have the youngest, most exciting team in the league and are set up for the next 5-10 years.

I am excited that we have another striker. I’m not sure if Colman will get us any closer to winning MLS Cup then we have been the last two years, but he surely won’t hurt. At the end of the day, if Mauro was hurt this upcoming year going into the playoffs, it again will be nearly impossible to win the cup. Look at the final four teams in the playoffs. The key to all of them is a dominate midfield and a creative attacking midfielder. Colman doesn’t fill that spot. Overall, I am happy about this signing. Hopefully he is able to play above expectations and possibly get a transfer request that allows the club to make a couple mill in a couple of years.

Scott Hiney – Lots of newness, but money should still talk

I hope that fans are thankful that the club discussed bringing in a big-money forward signing and then followed through on that promise. More than that, though, I hope that fans understand that in soccer more than any other sport, time and patience is needed with any new high-profile player acquisition because you’re not just adjusting to a new city and teammates, but to an entirely new league and we can’t underscore that enough.

That being said, his ceiling should be slightly raised in reference to the money the club spent on him and I think he has to at least flirt with a double-digit goal total assuming he plays DP minutes (which, frankly, he better). Thankfully, Urruti can be counted on for that same type of production which I think provides a nice safety blanket to cover for a possible scoring-drought while he gets acclimated to the game here. I’d hope to see 20+ combined league goals from Colman and Urruti.

Mohammad Bushnaq - A Hand In 15 Goals Or Bust

Hey, haters. The Hunt family spent money. Find something else to complain about now. This is the striker that the fans have been waiting for. Factoring in the fact that players usually need time to adjust to MLS, I think anything less than a combination of 15 goals/assists would be a disappointment given the astronomical transfer fee (and potential contract). Preferably, that would be 10 goals and 5 assists, but I am willing to be flexible since it would be the first year.

Look, patience is important. Texeira got two years and he scored four goals in his first year (ended with 12 in all competitions over the course of the two years). We want Colman to be here long-term and tear it up, but strikers sometimes struggle to adjust until they are comfortable and confident. I think if he can match/exceed what David Texeira did in two years in one year, we will be in great shape.