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Three reasons why the preseason is important for FC Dallas

There will be a lot to learn from this preseason.

FC Dallas

A lot of folks out there are claiming how interesting of an offseason that FC Dallas had. From signing a slew of new Homegrown talent, to getting internationals like Roland Lamah and potentially Cristian Colman, all the way to signing veteran midfielder Javier Morales, FC Dallas has been busy.

As the preseason gets underway with scrimmages here and there, there is plenty to gain from these sessions.

Team chemistry

I would argue that this has been the club’s biggest strength these last two or three seasons under Oscar Pareja. We all know about the team meals that are shared and how some players hang out off the field with one another. But once again the team enters a new season with a lot of new faces and personalities.

If anything were to wreck the potential that this team has (outside of injuries of course), it is chemistry. These next few weeks are absolutely key in making sure this team has what it takes to band together through the ups and downs of a season to earn more hardware.

Young players getting minutes

We’ve discussed this a lot on here this winter but the preseason will give us more insight to how well Pareja views his new crop of young players. Between the slew of draft picks (both signed and unsigned at the moment) to the hand full of Homegrown players that have yet to really see the professional field, these guys have a lot of proving to do.

On Tuesday, Pareja had a small-sided game between the U-18 academy side and the rookies. The rookies did well as they picked up a nice goal. (You can watch that match here) Moments like this are big for rookies that are trying to make the roster and cement their place with this team (or with OKC).

The ramp up

While the next week or so won’t feature a ton of full fledge games, things will certainly pick up in a hurry when the team heads to Argentina. We don’t know the official schedule of that trip just yet but we do know there will be a lot of chances for this group to get valuable minutes on the field with one another against top flight teams in South America.

Those are the kinds of games that we should be able to pull off what kind of team this 2017 edition will turn out to be.