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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The boys are back in business!

Soccer is back as FC Dallas hit preseason camp for the first time yesterday.

// FC Dallas //

Jose Salvatierra fails physical with FCD | Big D Soccer

The big news from yesterday was that the Costa Rican loanee didn’t pass a medical test over the weekend and was likely sent back home. He definitely wasn’t at training yesterday.

Hedges and Acosta leave USMNT camp | Big D Soccer

A bit of a bummer for these two as they’ll be returning back to Dallas.

First day of training notes |

So we got Ruben Luna training with the club. Interesting. But a lot of the training notes should be taken with a grain of salt from what Daniel Robertson said yesterday during a Facebook Live chat.

// MLS //

CONCACAF reveals new CCL format |

MLS teams will now go February to May in this tournament. A huge change for the clubs as they’ll not longer have to deal with additional travel in the fall. That is pretty big for FCD this year if you ask me.

Will the new CCL format benefit MLS clubs? | ESPNFC

Starting the knockout rounds where they currently are at right now is still tough for MLS clubs but I think in the long run they’ll sort it out.

Which academy is tops in MLS? | Top Drawer Soccer

It really should be no surprise to any of you that FCD has the top academy. But the club has some work to do in my mind to keep it that way.

DCU officially sign Ian Harks to HGP deal | Black and Red United

Most felt he was the best player in college this past season, so this is certainly a big get for DCU.

Quakes give up on Quintero | ESPNFC

Well, there is one big name not coming to MLS this spring.

San Diego details their expansion plans | San Diego Tribune

First of all, that stadium rendering looks pretty sweet. But their grand plan sounds a bit crazy to me with a link up with a Liga MX team. Hard pass on that happening.

St. Louis expansion bid coming down to the wire | St Louis Today

It sounds like this one is more on life support than anything else.