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Big D Daily: News for Friday, January 20, 2017

Preseason begins on Monday!

And just like that we are in the final hours of the offseason.

// FC Dallas //

Meet the top technical staff in MLS | Big D Soccer

We may be a tad biased but FC Dallas really does have some of the best people working there right now.

Hollingshead thought he was paralyzed for sure | ESPNFC

Here is another look at Ryan Hollingshead’s accident but don’t sleep on that Kellyn Acosta video above the article too.

// MLS //

Trades in MLS will never be the same |

Knowing what the allocation amounts are these days will really help us gage how important some trades are and aren’t in this league. We haven’t seen a deal come through with FCD yet but I’m sure soon enough we’ll see Fernando Clavijo get a deal for some TAM or GAM.

Who has the easiest/toughest schedules |

While I think it is way too early to even think about something like this, it is interesting to see where FCD lands.

Was the Dax trade the biggest in league history? |

Again, it comes back to the transparency that we now have in these allocation amounts. Basically both teams valued Dax McCarty very high and the amounts show for it.

Jones will be a key part of the Galaxy overhaul | FourFourTwo

Things are going to be different in LA this year for sure. I’m actually kind of glad we get them out of the gate to start the season.

Spector coming to MLS |

Jonathan Spector will apparently make his way to MLS this year and it seems as though Chicago or Orlando are the most likely landing spots.

St. Louis MLS plan calls for land contribution | ESPNFC

There continues to be more twists and turns in the MLS to St. Louis talk.

Is expansion to Nashville music to MLS’ ears? |

Another expansion city profile on SI’s website. I’ve always been openly intrigued about adding Nashville to the MLS map. It is one of those sports towns that shouldn’t make sense but does.