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New Year’s Resolutions for FC Dallas

Now that we’re into a new year, here are some thing that would be nice to see.

MLS: Orlando City SC at FC Dallas Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

New Year’s Resolution lists are always difficult for me to come up with. The whole better health, better wealth kind of thing doesn’t always work out and like most people I tend to forget about them come February.

But I wanted to write down a few resolutions for FC Dallas that I would like to see out of the club and out of all of us in the coming year. Some will work while others may be pushing it.

Enjoy what you got

Maybe it is a part of getting older in my book but I’m really trying to see the value in everything these days and find ways to enjoy it as much as I can. I want the same for us when it comes to this young group of players that FC Dallas currently has.

Guys like Kellyn Acosta, Carlos Gruezo, Walker Zimmerman, Mauro Diaz (when he is healthy), and Matt Hedges. I know at some point all of them won’t be here in Dallas. Some will go to Europe. Some will go to Mexico. Some may unfortunately just go elsewhere in MLS.

For now, I just want to enjoy watching those guys (and the rest of this team for that matter), week in and week out. Because we may really not know what we have until we don’t have them anymore.

Be patient on the youth

It is hard to be patient in this world but given the massive amount of youth players signed by the club this year, we’re going to need to be. Thankfully I’ve been told that some of the more recent signings like Jesus Ferreira and Bryan Reynolds still have USSDA eligibility left and can earn minutes that way this year. So I would expect to see them be apart of that Dallas Cup team later this spring.

Go bold with the youth

We’ve seen Oscar Pareja do this before in starting three, or four and that one magical time in 2015 when he started five HGPs in a game. I want to see him break that this year in either a league game in the middle of the season or an early round USOC game. Six would be cool but when you have a total of 10 HGPs on your roster, why not be a bit crazy and reach for the stars a bit with more? In my mind it helps that half of them have good experience up to this point to carry a team full of HGPs.

Go for it all

Screw the treble. There I said it. The only two things I want to see this club win in 2017 are the CONCACAF Champions League in the spring and MLS Cup in the fall. I see no better way of spending this year than celebrating those two titles. It would be the perfect compliment to 2016’s two titles.

So while another Supporters’ Shield or USOC would be nice. Save some gas for the late season run.

Educate yourself

I try to do this more and more. Sometimes it is easy, while other times it is not with some of the fake news sites out there. But thankfully we’re not at that point in the soccer world where the fake news is taking over what we discuss on this site. So what I mean by this is, continue to get out and support sites like this one and other MLS and FC Dallas related sites. There are a ton of hard working folks that are good at what they do, that get great information out there to us all. Plus it is fun to be able to one-up your buddies at the bar before a game when you know of transfer news that they don’t or of training information that could explain why Pareja doesn’t recall a player from OKC.

Bring some new friends to a match

This is something I’m going to work harder at myself. I typically don’t buy season tickets since I have a press pass but I want to change that given how good this team has been over the last couple of seasons. I want more people in my life to experience what we have up in Frisco. I’m not attempting to convert people to soccer but I do want to convert more people into fans of our local club.

What are some resolutions that you have for this year?