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Big D Daily: News for Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dan Hunt hints at a forward signing soon.

The week rolls into Tuesday as the MLS Combine is in full swing.

// FC Dallas //

Hollingshead hit by a car last Friday | Big D Soccer

Terrifying news yesterday that Ryan Hollingshead was struck by another car last Friday when he was trying to assist someone that was in a car wreck. Thankfully he will be okay.

Dan Hunt discusses Hollinghead injury and future signings | Facebook Live

Gotta love Dan’s awkwardness in these chats but I love that he is willing to do them.

Five prospects to watch for in the SuperDraft for FCD |

Some of these names we discussed on here over the weekend and sadly most of them probably won’t fall to FCD at number 18 on Friday.

Ferruzzi discusses the long scouting process of the SuperDraft |

If you ever wondered why Dallas drafts the way that they do, it is because of assistant coach Marco Ferruzzi.

// MLS //

What teams have been the most successful in the SuperDraft |

It is all about finding the right talent to fit your system in this thing. Truly only a handful of teams really do well at it as most years it is a crapshoot. FCD as we all know has done pretty well over the years.

Four changes I would make in college soccer |

Sigi Schmid offers up four things he would like to see updated in college soccer. I can’t disagree with a single one of them.

Combine Day one recap |

The Combine itself is such a weird thing but it can make or break a guy’s draft stock.

Why it is so hard to evaluate college goal scorers | FourFourTwo

Some you just know are going to work out like Cyle Larin. Others you just think they will like Danny Mwanga.

Argentine club offers to take Lucas Melano from Portland | Stumptown Footy

It will be a loan for the DP but Portland gets to shed some heavy weight off their books for the 2017 season.

Are the Galaxy after Jonathan dos Santos? | LAG Confidential

It would be fun to see the two dos Santos brothers link up in MLS.

Will MLS get rowdy? |

Another expansion city profile today, as we get to have an in-depth look at the Tampa Bay bid.

// FIFA //

FIFA executives approve expanded World Cup | Fox Soccer

So in 2026 we’re going to see a 48-team tournament. More teams, more money but probably some less quality soccer in return.