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View from the East: Diaz’s Signature

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All things considered, I’m ok with that point.

MLS: New York Red Bulls at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It felt like the temperature really helped us out at the stadium with this one. Great weather to come out and visit the stadium. While the west side looked full, the east looked a little patchy unfortunately. We were welcoming in a New York team, so away fans were more numerous than other eastern conference foes. There are good draws and bad draws, I’m chalking this one up as a good draw despite it being a draw at home. First let’s talk about the nice crowd that showed up, especially one brave fan.

Diaz’s signature

Diaz had a really good game for having to play a man down for most of the game. After his penalty though, the celebrations were especially raucous due to coming from behind for a second time to level with the energy drinks while being down a man. During the commotion, a brave young soul decided it was high time they needed a signature on their friend’s hat. They ran up to Mauro with a sharpie and a hat, got the signature from the playmaking Argentine, and ran right back into the stands. They then tossed the hat back to her friend with precision and continued celebrating. It happened so fast, and there was no reaction from security at all from what I could tell. It almost seemed like it might be a new thing? Not sure. Their plan might’ve fallen apart had Diaz wanted to celebrate with Papi or at a corner flag instead of inside the penalty box. Still though, brave soul and a good friend. I’ll drink to that.

The away crowd was again opposite of El Matador in the south west corner of the stadium. The flags weren’t too clear, so I wasn’t even sure if they were an away group until NYRB scored their first goal and saw them cheering. Despite being slightly anonymous, they at least showed up more than a number of other east teams.

Good Draw

Homes should always be victories. Unless you’re playing a man down with most of the match remaining and they score a goal. Then they score another goal after you had already leveled. This FC Dallas team played, possibly their best in over a month while down a man this past Saturday. Maybe the Texas heat wore the Red Bulls down after a while, maybe the Red Bulls smelling blood had them pushing too much and vulnerable on the counter which plays perfectly into our play style. I feel the heart and pride shown on Saturday night by our boys in red might spark something from here on out. They played incredibly for having 10 men against a very good New York side. And for that I have to chalk this up as a good draw, instead of a bad draw.

And finally, your fan quote of the night: “I’m too fat to try what they just did, I’d probably trip on my way out there too.” We at Big D Soccer do not condone running out on the field unless there’s permission.

Did anyone else see the fan get the signature from Mauro Diaz after his penalty goal? Did anyone sit near the away section, were they chanting at all? Who else feels this home game was a positive rather than a negative? Let me know in the comments below!