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FC Dallas vs Portland Timbers: Match Predictions

Staff see a certain amount of points in the pocket

MLS: Portland Timbers at FC Dallas Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Timbers make their way to Texas tonight and bring with them the most points in the league (at the time of this writing) and put their #1 position on the line. A win for Dallas could catapult FCD to the top of the Western Conference standings and possibly in first place in the race to defend the Supporter’s Shield.

Portland has done incredibly well to start the 2017 campaign, especially on the road where they’ve already enjoyed 2 wins. For context, the Timbers went the entire 2016 regular season without a single road win. (Yes, even Chicago had more road victories.) However, Dallas has remained hot and are the last unbeaten team in MLS play and have only suffered 3 home losses since the start of the 2015 season.

Before we jump into our predictions, here are the current standings for our staff.

BigD Staff Match Prediction Standings

Position Name Point Total
Position Name Point Total
1 Nathan Hill 26
2 Phil Luetchford 24
3 Mohammad Bushnaq 24
4 Jason Poon 22
5 Drew Epperley 18
6 Cody Gamond 16
7 Ryan Scanlon 15
8 Etan Cohn 14
9 Ben Lyon 13
10 Jack Hazzard 12
11 Scott Hiney 12
12 Jose Carmona 11
13 Jared Tilley 8
14 Jack Rouse 6
15 Preston Wetherington 6
16 Jeff Loftin 6
17 Joshua Sampson 3

Correct Prediction: 1pt

Correct Scoreline: 2pts

It’s pretty rare that the staff are unanimous with their prediction. Usually there’s one overly optimistic person, coupled by a Debbie Downer. But without the services of Diego Valeri and Jake “How in the world is this guy not get suspended for driving under the influence?!” Gleeson out, the staff are liking the chances of a 3 point party at the end of this contest.


Name Result for FCD FCD Score Opposition Score Commentary
Name Result for FCD FCD Score Opposition Score Commentary
Etan Cohn Win 2 1
El Chico Carmona Win 2 1 FCD will get the winning goal right before the game can go to PKs
Mohammad Bushnaq Draw 1 1 FC Dallas pay the penalty and the defending champs bow out of the USOC.
Jared Tilley Win 2 1
Scott Hiney Win 1 1 Maxi sends us to PKs, Hollingshead's take is what seals the victory.
Cody Gamond Win 2 1 Come from behind in extra time after a 1-1 end to the game. Maxi and Ulloa the scorers.
Jeff Loftin Loss 1 1 Unfortunately I think we lose in penalties.
Ryan Scanlon Loss 0 2 I think Kansas City will definitely be wanting this game more as FC Dallas comes out sloppy and really missing Matt Hedges. Sporting is also undefeated in their last 8 games. They'll keep that going here as Rubio and Blessing grab the goals and win for SKC.
Jack Hazzard Win 2 1 KC will be both chippy and arrogant but Urutti will fix that real quick.
Ben Lyon Win 2 1 3 more wins to consecutive silverware. It'll be 2 after tonight.
Drew Epperley Loss 1 1 I think the game will end level but SKC will go on in PKs.

What do you guys think? Can the Timbers overcome the losses of Valeri and Gleeson? Will Dallas remain unbeaten and take over first place?