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What We Learned: Notes from FC Dallas’ season finale

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Did Roland Lamah have a great season, a mediocre season, or a terrible one?

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The disappointing 2017 season is finally over, but this 5-1 win against the LA Galaxy will help this team put the season behind them and prepare for next year.

Ending the season with a little optimism.

The authoritive win will help FC Dallas to separate itself from its awful run of form lately. It will be a little bit easier for the team to put this season behind them and get a fresh start next year. The team will be under quite a bit of pressure to start next year off well, but at least they won’t have any additional pressure from a winless run or goal drought stretching on from the end of this season.

Two sides to the Lamah discussion.

Adding another scoring spurt of two goals on Sunday, Roland Lamah finished the season with a fantastic scoring record as a winger, but there are many reasons to be critical of him, especially because of his huge hit to the salary cap. He was very on and off during the season. When scoring, he scored multiple goals in a game, and when not, he disappeared from the game by not providing any offensive or defensive impact.

Fortress Frisco is back!

FC Dallas’ home finale showed off plenty of progress done to the US Soccer Hall of Fame.

The win means that FC Dallas will have a two-game winning streak at Fortress Frisco going into 2018, and will have a six game home unbeaten run going back to the 0-0 draw vs the Colorado Rapids.

2017 was a missed chance for this club, but there’s reason to believe this club can recover and make 2018 a great season.